Emptying out the editor's notebook ...

September 26, 2004|by TERRY HEADLEE

I'm going to rip off a page from Larry King this week and write my column in the choppy format that I loved to hate when he was a regular columnist for USA Today.

I have a lot on my mind and none of it really can be stretched out into an entire column.

So here it goes:

Kudos to Hagerstown Suns General Manager Kurt Landes for being named Thursday night as the Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce's Business Person of the Year. Even though the Suns finished last in the league, attendance was up 27 percent. He also was instrumental in getting Willie Mays to return to Hagerstown in August. ... OK, is Britney Spears married or not? She was supposed to officially tie the knot next month, but then People magazine announced the couple got hitched in a surprise wedding last week. Then it turned out the marriage certificate hadn't been signed or filed with the court - or something like that. Actually, I'm not sure why I even care ... Dallas 27, Washington 21 ...


Is there a bigger idiot than Bradford from "The Apprentice"? I mean, why would you risk volunteering to go back into the boardroom with Donald Trump when he hands you a one-week exemption from being fired? Ten years from now, Bradford will still be saying, "Boy, I didn't think that one through before I opened my mouth." ... I still have tomatoes ripening in my garden. ... Have you ever read the ingredients list on the back of a Twinkie wrapper? Check it out sometime. ... North Hagerstown probably has the best high school football team in the county ...

The Herald-Mail has joined in a partnership with the League of Women Voters of Washington County and will be publishing a "Voters' Guide" on Sunday, Oct. 24. You won't want to miss this because it will give you some vital information about the candidates running for the local school board, as well as the Maryland congressional House and Senate races. ... Somehow, I think the Redskins will be lucky to finish above .500 this year. ... I found out last week that my dog, Briscoe, has Lyme disease. He contracted it from a tick bite. Be sure to get your pet tested for Lyme disease at the same time the vet's office does the blood test for heartworms. ... I don't think I like the new format that NASCAR has to determine the Nextel Cup winner. It gives slowpokes such as Jeremy Mayfield, Mark Martin and Ryan Newman another crack at winning the championship that Jeff Gordon was almost certain to win ...

CBS News is an embarrassment to the journalism profession. It's bad enough the network still won't acknowledge that the Texas National Guard memos were fake (they only said they can't be authenticated), but then it's reported the show's producer put its so-called "unimpeachable source" in touch with the Kerry campaign. Whatever happened to credibility and integrity? ... Let's all hope that an Oct. 4 meeting at Bester Elementary School will begin resolving some of the traffic congestion problems that have plagued the school for years. ... In case you missed it, the Frederick, Md., man who admitted in July that he broke into a pregnant woman's house in March and stole three pairs of panties was ordered last week by the court to serve 18 months of supervised probation ...

Mark this date down on your calendar: Nov. 15. This is the day that several Washington County physicians groups say they will stop performing nonemergency surgery. The reason? Skyrocketing premiums for malpractice insurance. Stay tuned for this major story. ... After about a year at the top of the Best Sellers list, "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown was knocked down to second place a week ago. I read the book about six months ago. It may be the best fiction book I've ever read. ... Please register to vote. The deadline in Washington County is Oct. 12. The deadline in West Virginia is Oct. 13, and it's Oct. 4 in Franklin County, Pa. ... Did you know if you unscramble the letters in Britney Spears' name, you can spell Presbyterian?

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