The Battle of Monocacy gets the star treatment

September 26, 2004|by WANDA T. WILLIAMS

Historical Entertainment spent the weekend at the North American Rod and Gun Club, wrapping up filming for the Civil War movie "No Retreat From Destiny: The Battle That Rescued Washington."

The Cascade company is filming the dramatic documentary on The Battle of Monocacy, a great story that's never been told, producers said Saturday. For the first time in the Civil War, Confederate soldiers came within striking distance of Washington, D.C., according to the film's Web site.

"Most people talk about such battles as Gettysburg and Fredericksburg (Va.)," said Ed Mantell, the film's production manager. "This is just one of the smaller actions that really had a major impact. Washington, D.C., had never been attacked since 1812, when the British were here."


Producer Russell E. Richards of Historical Entertainment said the film won't be a glamorized Hollywood version of the battle, but a true-to-life film on the Confederacy's last great invasion of the North in July 1864.

"We try and get the human interest," Richards said. "We are covering the civilian situation at the time and the evacuation of Washington, D.C. They feared for their lives, it isn't strictly a war movie."

Mantell said filming was done over a three-month period and included several other Civil War locations in the area.

"We filmed for 22 days, working 12- to 14-hour days every day," he said.

The crew of about 120 resumed filming in Washington County on Friday after filming earlier scenes in Boonsboro in July. Filming is scheduled to end Monday.

"We hope to have the movie finished and out for retail by Christmas," Mantell said.

Produced in conjunction with Lionheart Filmworks, the film is being directed by Kevin Hershberger and cost $460,000 to produce, all of which was raised through private investors.

Richards said Historical Entertainment has hired several film production workers from the Tri-State area and is involved in several historical film projects throughout the country.

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