Mail Call

September 23, 2004

"My friend and I were in Leitersburg on Sunday afternoon and we saw a wheelchair on its side and a little boy lying beside it. So we backed up the car and noticed that the boy had gotten up and ran through a yard. What we thought was a near tragedy was a boy playing a prank. I can't believe that he actually thought this was funny. I hope he reads this and learns a lesson."

"Here we go again, people in this county blaming Bush for giving the politicians another raise. The politicians get their own raise, unless they vote against it. They saw to that many years ago when they passed a resolution that gives them this automatic raise. Now you want to blame the president for it. Get a life!"

"I am sure that the people who send their kids to Bester really have a hard time with the traffic. I can sympathize with them because I live near an elementary school in the West End. There are 'no parking' zones that people park in for hours at a time, blocking traffic. People drop their children off and when they pick them up, speed through the neighborhood like it's the dragway. I can't understand why the Board of Education can't get someone to straighten out these problems. I am sure you know what school I am talking about, Salem Avenue. They have made a lot of good improvements to help, but people are still resorting to their old ways."


"I was wondering how the wedding went for the Jonathan Street columnist. Was it a unique wedding? Is there going to be a picture we can see in the paper? Sounds interesting. I would like to see it."

The sports desk does not give enough attention to the Atlantic Coast Conference. There are many readers from the area who are interested in Virginia Tech. Please give us our proper due."

"I think that all these people who think that Bush is doing a great job, should all get together and take Bush and Cheney over there and let them all take the service men's and women's place. Let them go."

"I am wondering if anyone can let me know where I can get some tutoring help for free or for a low-income family. My child needs help with math, algebra. She is disabled and is trying very hard to pass school. Leave some information in Mail Call for me."

"I want to know if you can put the address where you send vacation photos?"

Editor's note - Mail the photos to The Herald-Mail Co., P. O. Box 439, Hagerstown MD 21741, drop them off at our office at 100 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, or e-mail them to

"We are looking for a classmate for the 1959 reunion for Hancock High School. Her name is Leitha Golden. Please call Mail Call and leave your number if you know of her whereabouts."

"In reference to the concert at the North American Rod and Gun Club that was held last week. My home is one of the closest to the club and I wasn't aware of any loud music or motorcycles. Several off-duty officers and many volunteers went to great lengths to patrol the grounds and check exiting vehicles for intoxicated drivers."

"Does anyone have any information on the Class of 1974 Smithsburg High School's 30th reunion? Is there going to be one this year?"

"Can anyone tell me why when we call a business and are put on hold that we have to listen to their hold music so loud that you forget what you are calling for. If they have to play the music, why can't it be soft and relaxing, so you don't forget what you called for?"

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