Mail Call

September 21, 2004

"I had my child in the magnet program last year. I originally thought putting all the bright children together in a magnet environment was going to be a wonderful experience for my child. As it turned out, nothing could have been further from the truth. My child became the victim of this poorly conceived and badly implemented program. If interested in the program, you should speak with parents who are involved or have been involved. The children are hand-picked, but are the teachers? Other parents I spoke with left their child in the program but later wished they would have left also. If your child is happy in a regular class, I would leave them there. The children in a regular class are getting more instruction than the magnet child. I found this out the hard way. The children in a regular class get treated with respect and dignity and are not beat to the ground. In my child's class, it was almost like you were being punished for being in the program. If you are in a magnet class and your child is showing signs of being a victim, pull them out early. Other parents I spoke with say they can tell it did affect their child by leaving them in. My child is much happier this year being a bright elementary student with a great teacher. Does anyone else have magnet school experiences to share?"


"I want to say that if President Bush wants to be in the White House, then why doesn't he stay there instead of running all over the country campaigning saying he is the best and his word is final? He thinks he is the greatest, but quite frankly, I think he is a liar. I really think the news media is biased. How can they support a man who has led us to war and let more than 1,000 of our soldiers die? Where are the millions of dollars that Halliburton was supposed to give back? I think Bush and Cheney are through."

"The person who wanted the recipe for the shoofly pie. I have one. Leave your number or address in Mail Call and I will be glad to share it with you."

"I am another neighbor of the North American Rod and Gun Club and I read in Mail Call about the person complaining about the noise and the motorcycles and stuff. I agree with her; I heard it, too. It was very frustrating and disrupting."

"At a time of record deficits and a war that never seems to end, it's no surprise that Congress just gave itself a 2.5 percent raise. Congress makes on average more than most Americans. Most Americans' wages are no longer keeping up with inflation or the cost of living. But don't worry, your congressmen and senators, most of them already millionaires, will be getting a pay raise. So you elderly people, remember that when you get your 17 percent increase in Medicare, that Congress is taking care of itself. Vote all the incumbents out, Bush included."

"Here we go again, politicians in Washington voted themselves another pay raise of $4,000 per year when many middle-class people are losing their jobs and no longer have health insurance. Property taxes are up, automobile insurance is up, food prices are higher than ever, auto license fees continue to go up and sewer fees are up. But yet Bush says give me another four years. Sorry, Mr. President. I gave you four years. This time, I will give John Kerry my vote. Have a nice time in Crawford, Texas, while you are there."

"Just a welcome back to the nice pharmacist at Target. It's good to see your smiling face. Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of your son, Vincent. God bless all three of you."

- Williamsport

"I am referring to the letter to the editor in Wednesday's paper about the rude treatment at the mall. Before anyone judges anyone in this episode, remember there are two sides to a story and there is another side to this story."

"Can anyone tell me if there are any Red Hat Society chapters in Hagerstown? I would like to know because I am interested in joining one."

"To Mr. Philip Snider from Martinsburg, W.Va., who is in the letters to the editor in Thursday's paper. Mr. Snider, I salute you, you are speaking the words of many true Americans. God bless you."

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