Suns, Giants go separate ways

September 17, 2004|by Mark Keller, Tara Reilly

The Hagerstown Suns will have a new affiliation when the 2005 baseball season begins.

Suns General Manager Kurt Landes announced Thursday that the team has ended its relationship as the San Francisco Giants' low Class A farm team after four years.

"We notified Major League Baseball that we wanted to look at our options," Landes said in a telephone interview. "It's kind of a free agency period for teams that started Sept. 6."

Landes said the Suns wanted to look for a better fit than the Giants. He likened the affiliation between minor and major league teams to marriage.


"I would definitely say that our marriage with the Giants was good, but we're looking for an excellent marriage," Landes said. "You want to try to find the best mate."

He said the Suns were looking for a quality team that might be closer to Hagerstown.

"I certainly think a new affiliation would give us the opportunity to be more competitive ... and may be a better tie geographically," Landes said.

The Giants, however, will stay in the South Atlantic League after signing a two-year agreement with the Augusta GreenJackets on Wednesday.

Landes said he expects to announce the Suns' new parent club early next week.

"That's news to me," said Gary Gysberts, first vice president of the Hagerstown Suns Fan Club.

Gysberts said it wouldn't matter to him which major league team the Suns hook up with.

"I just hope it's somebody," he said. "I just want something done that's going to keep the team here."

The Suns were affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles from 1981-92 and the Toronto Blue Jays from 1993-2000.

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