Mail Call

September 16, 2004

"I am a Democrat and I do recall the World Trade Center, the USS Cole and what happened on 9/11. But repeat after me, Iraq had nothing to do with it. Repeat that in your head until it sinks in and then you will know why we don't belong in Iraq."

"I think it's crazy that Clear Spring Elementary expects parents to pay $11 for a notebook for the children to write their assignments down in. This is ridiculous when a regular notebook would do just as good. This is why people get discouraged about sending their children to school. What are people supposed to do when they don't have that kind of money just to spend on a notebook?"

"Bill Clinton said 'I did not inhale,' George Bush says, 'I did not snort.'"

"Don't let the scare tactics of the Bush administration convince you that it's right to vote for Bush/Cheney. It's wrong. Our airports are still unsecure, our nuclear power plants are unprotected and there are terrorist attacks happening all over the world now. Bush is going around the country telling us that Iraqi girls can go to school now. Uhhh, no they can't. They have no water, no electricity, there is raw sewage in the streets, more than 1,000 American soldiers have died and thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqi children and adults have died."


"I saw something in Mail Call a while ago about someone who was looking for a church group that does errands such as return library books, picking up prescriptions, groceries, etc., it said to call Mail Call and leave a number. I don't know if that person received information from a church or not. But I belong to a church and I would be interested in doing this myself. My number is 301-766-4060."

"I was just reading the 'Around Jonathan Street' column and I just wanted to say what a great column this is. She really cares about her community and actually goes out to find the information about what is going on in her area. She is a great writer and her column is very interesting."

"In reference to the Bester Elementary situation. For some, walking could be an option, but most of us have to be at work. The kids that live all the way up to Wilson Boulevard are considered walkers, so the time it would take to walk all the way down and all the way back and then drive to work, just wouldn't be possible. There are times that the crossing guards have not been there and the kids have to cross the busy intersection by themselves. I have seen this in the past and I have reported it. It is safer to drive them because I don't want my child to have to walk in the rain and freezing cold, especially when you have a small baby to take along, too."

"Can anyone create my mother's recipe for Shoo Fly Pie."

"Who did the benefit concert at the North American Rod & Gun Club that was held on Saturday night? Certainly not the adjoining neighborhoods that had to put up with the loud noise all night long or the motorcycle gangs running in and out of our development all night long in a reckless manner."

"Anyone who has questions about where to get the signs for the yard, the Republican headquarters number is 301-739-2118."

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