Letters to the editor

September 15, 2004

Rude treatment at the mall

To the editor:

My family and I were crossing the Valley Mall parking lot, directly in front of center mall, on Wednesday, July 14, at around 5 p.m. A security vehicle flew past us, not stopping at the stop sign where we were crossing. My husband yelled at the driver about stopping. The driver of the security vehicle stopped, turned around and asked if we "had a problem." We said, yes, that he didn't stop at the stop sign. He then told us that this is private property and that he did not have to stop.

We were upset to have someone who is supposed to protect us from that sort of behavior, speak to us like that. When we saw another security person, we told this person what had happened. This security person then told us that he could "put us out of the mall." As we were leaving the parking area, he turned on his flashing lights and followed us out.


Now you tell me: Are you losing customers because of smart-guy security? My husband and I are in our 50s. Do you think we are a security risk or that we don't deserve some respect?

My family spends more than $1,000 a month in the Valley Mall and I will be looking somewhere else to spend it now. I do not appreciate being humiliated and disrespected like that.

Where is the customer service? Where is the customer appreciation?

Barbara Dunlap

Jim Frey an asset to county

To the editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Washington County Parks and Recreation employee Jim Frey for all his efforts at Devil's Backbone Park to provide our residents of Western Maryland Hospital Center with a pleasant and enjoyable environment for picnics.

Frey always has the picnic area of the park prepared and ready for our arrival. Jim greets us with a smiling face and friendly exchange. He takes great care in making sure all our needs are met and provided. Jim makes picnics at Devil's Backbone a fantastic and memorable experience. We thank you for a great picnic season and look forward to seeing you next year. Washington County is very fortunate to have an employee like Jim Frey.

Denise Sigler
Therapeutic Recreation Department of Western Maryland Hospital Center

Thanks for the haircuts

To the editor:

On behalf of the Department of Juvenile Services - Foster Care Unit, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the Williamsport Barber Shop for their kind offer to provide free haircuts for the foster children.

Their kindness is greatly appreciated.

Melvin Wigfield
Foster Care Coordinator, Area III

Seeking WWII vets

To the editor:

The World War II Memorial honoring WWII veterans is now complete. However, since more than 16 million served in the military during that period, the registry is far from completion. The names of those who served is being entered into the registry by individuals such as friends and relatives.

I have searched the registry for names of individuals who served in WWII, including my own, with negative results. I would urge any friend or relative of WWII veterans to confirm their registration as an honoree.

This can be accomplished on the Internet at Information required for registration of the veteran must come from their Report of Separation and Honorable Discharge (WD AGO Form 53).

In the event someone out there has a problem with registering a WWII veteran or does not have access to a computer, I would be happy to assist them. I am listed in the local telephone directory.

Ned Renner

Don't neglect duty

To the editor:

"My vote will not make any difference so why should I vote," so the saying goes as an excuse not to vote. At first look, the above statement may appear to have some validity.

However, at second look, this statement cannot be correct since the sum of each individual vote will decide the outcome of an election, thus each vote is important. On the other hand, this statement also ignores a very important component of voting.

We are morally obligated to do so because this is the only way we can choose the right people to guide us. We have this obligation to each other.

Therefore, voting for wrong persons, or lesser evils, or not voting is tantamount to nothing less than participating in a wrongful act of the elected persons. It becomes obvious that the only correct position to take is to vote and vote for the right persons, even if they may not win the election. If we all believe this, we may end up with representatives who are willing to look after the ordinary folks well being rather than serve the interest of corporations.

If we neglect our moral duty, then we will be guilty.

S. V. Yumlu

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