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Mail Call

September 15, 2004

"Can someone tell me why the conservative Republicans want to destroy the United Nations? I don't understand this. This is evidently part of their platform or something from the president all the way down."

"I picked my grandson up from elementary school and he was complaining about the food in the cafeteria and the lunch lady told him, he had to take it anyway. Another day he got a piece of chicken and it was cold. Why do I have to pay all this money for him to eat this bad food?"

"I want to get in touch with the man and woman from Florida who were at Boonesborough Days and was selling printed T-shirts and sweatshirts. Call me at 301-582-3059."

"This is great grandmother again, I wanted to leave the recipe for the walnut cake, but it's too long. So, please leave your number in Mail Call. I will be waiting on your phone call."


"I would like to give two thumbs up to Charley Reese's column in Saturday's paper about 'The Waste of Lives.' Thanks."

- Maugansville

"The fact of the matter is this, football is a sport that brings in money. Volleyball, golf, soccer, etc. doesn't bring the money in. Let's get realistic, the coverage is right and the coverage is great, its where it should be. Nice job, Mark Keller."

"I just read where Delta Airlines is going to cut 7,000 jobs. Is everyone going to blame this on Bush, too?"

"To the person who requested equal sports coverage. The coverage you requested is for minor sports, meaning they are poorly attended and are of less public interest and therefore are poorly attended. Considering the lack of interest and poor attendance, I believe that The Herald-Mail gives these minor sports more than ample press."

"I read in the paper where they are having a dinner to feed the hungry. I think it is $25 a plate. How much of that $25 actually goes to the hungry and how much goes to the organization that set it up?"

"I wonder how many big men we would have out there hunting the deer and the bears if the bears and deer had guns to shoot back? Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Concerning the situation at Bester. What are the Board of Education, the city council and the county commissioners thinking? They had all summer to think about this and come up with a solution."

"I attended Bester Elementary 55 years ago and there were 20 times the amount of students. Not everyone had cars and had to walk. People have to learn to stop driving their cars everywhere, learn to walk."

"You people at Bester need to get a life, if your children who are old enough to go to school, they are old enough to walk to their classrooms by themselves."

"I read in the paper about the mock apple pie, using the old fashioned soda crackers. Where can I buy these crackers?"

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