Blast from the past

September 15, 2004

Week of Sept. 12, 1954

Mrs. June Seilhamer, 134 Ray St., who works at a five-and-dime store on West Washington Street, told us yesterday that there is a canine shoplifter on the loose in Hagerstown.

"I work at the counter where plastic toys are sold," she said. "I happened to turn around from making change for a customer when I saw this white dog with black dots lift a toy truck with its teeth from the counter. And he didn't want to give it up when I came from behind the counter to take it away from him. The dog finally walked out of the store, minus the toy."

She thinks she could identify the dog.

A few years ago, Herbert W. Cornish built the fine Colonial Motel near the Fairchild Aircraft plant.

This week he acquired four lots along Dual Highway in the Colonial Park section and plans to build a motel and ultra-modern snack bar.

Week of Sept. 12, 1979

The price of fuel is soaring, but Hagerstown VFW Post Quartermaster Richard Benchoff almost fell off his chair Saturday when he opened the club's monthly city light bill.

It was for a whopping $99,549.17.

A call to the city light department straightened the matter out. According to spokesman Lee Moats, a tired meter reader jotted down the wrong figures. A revised bill for $140 is on its way to the post.

The Hagerstown City Council has overruled Mayor Pat Paddack and voted to go ahead with a study on the feasibility of putting the city electric plant back in the power-producing business.

Washington County Hospital Association won the approval of the Project Review Committee for its $32.2 million expansion project, despite criticism from Maryland Blue Cross.

Recommendations will be forwarded to the Maryland Health Planning and Development Agency.

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