Wagon train committee member says

September 14, 2004|by PEPPER BALLARD

FUNKSTOWN - Former Wagon Train committee member Tom Wetzel addressed the Funkstown Mayor and Town Council on Monday, saying that a message regarding the wagon train left on his cell phone did not say to stay away from the town.

The wagon train usually spends a night in Funkstown, but did not do so this year.

Laura Bowman, chairwoman of the National Pike Festival and president of the James Shaull Wagon Train Foundation, said at last month's council meeting that Wetzel had received a voice-mail message that said "not to come" into Funkstown's park.

She said that the message was left by a person identifying herself as Funkstown Town Clerk Brenda Haynes. Wetzel said Monday he did receive a message from Haynes, but that she said something else in the message.

He said that she told him that since it was "a wet, rainy weekend" she was concerned the grass would be too wet in the park and asked that the wagon train stay on the paved roads.


"Nothing was ever mentioned about a gate being locked," he said. "The wagon train was never refused to go into the park."

He said he would recommend that the wagon train go to Funkstown next year, although Bowman said at last month's meeting she planned to stay overnight in 2005 at the farm where the wagon train stayed this year.

"I should get back on the bandwagon and get it back to Funkstown," Wetzel said, adding that it's been a hectic year for him.

Funkstown Mayor Robert L. Kline said, "Funkstown is always open to anyone."

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