Letters to the editor

September 14, 2004

Low-income housing forum at HCC on Wednesday

To the editor:

The Washington County League of Women Voters will host a Low-Income Housing Forum on Wednesday, Sept. 15, at Hagerstown Community College Advanced Technology Center Room 132. The meeting is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m.

As reported in The Herald-Mail on Aug. 18, elected officials of City of Hagerstown recently debated the report of consultant David Rusk about its housing needs and the possibility of adopting "inclusionary zoning" rules. The city also approved a proposal to speed the city's process to buy private homes and sell them at a discounted price.

Panel members will be discussing low income housing needs in Washington County and where it will be located as well as responding to questions from the audience.


The community is urged to attend this informative event and hear from local experts:

Jim Upchurch, Interfaith Housing Alliance; Doris Nipps, Habitat for Humanity; Ted Shankle, Hagerstown Housing Authority; and Art Callaham, Greater Hagerstown Committee.

For further information, contact Donna Smith at 301-797-8761 or Monda Sagalkin at 301-766-0040.

The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government. Any person of voting age, male or female may join the League.

Donna Smith, President
Washington County LWV

No making Democrats happy

To the editor:

Let me get this straight. The letter to the editor on July 30 is one more example how in the eyes of Democrats, George Bush can not do anything right. Let's see, it's wrong for the Bush administration to put in place prudent mechanisms to handle the possibility of a terrorist event interrupting the election, but Gore was praised for delaying the results of the 2000 election for months because a few people in Florida couldn't punch out the chads properly on their ballot. Come on, give me a break.

Bush is only trying to get mechanisms in place to prepare for the possibility that terrorists would try to disrupt our election process. He isn't trying to rig the election or steal anything. My goodness, you're crying "wolf" before there's anything to even cry about.

Let's suppose that Bush does nothing and a terrorist strike occurs the day before the election. Now, suppose that even though a key area of the nation is unable to vote because they are digging their neighbors out from under a pile of rock, the election is held as planned and Bush ends up winning. How many of you would be crying then that the elections should have been delayed so that everyone could have a chance to vote?

Really though, what's the big deal? Just make sure you're shielded while you drive through the radioactive fallout from the dirty bomb that exploded on your way to vote. Your hair should grow back in a few years.

Todd A. Hahn

Homosexuality is a choice

To the editor:

My letter is prompted by Martin Gallagher's letter from Sept. 5. I am so sick and tired of homosexuals and the people who support them saying that they should have the same rights minorities or women do, as if homosexuals are born the way they are.

First of all, no one should be given special rights based on sexual preference. Sexual preference is not what defines a person and is not what should determine a person's civil rights. If a person is black, Latino or Mexican, or if they are women and they are denied a specific service or benefit that is intended for all people, then they have the right to say their rights are violated because they can do nothing to change their status - they are born that way.

A person should never be denied anything based on something they cannot change. Homosexuals are not born attracted to the same sex no more than heterosexuals are born attracted to the opposite sex. I don't care how many people believe otherwise or how many studies are done saying this is the case.

It is against human nature to be homosexual and it is a perversion to practice it the same way it is a perversion for a pedophile to practice violating children. Pedophiles or rapists can make the same argument as homosexuals as to why they practice their behavior. They can say they were born that way, they can say it's in their heart to feel that way. They can pick any of 100 ways to justify it, but it doesn't make it right.

If a rapist or murderer wanted certain rights because he or she claimed they were born that way, how many people would call that ridiculous? I'm hoping everyone would. So, why isn't it the same for homosexuality?

The difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality and all other perverted practices is that heterosexuality just happens to be what God condones and accepts. There are hundreds of reasons homosexuality is unacceptable outside of the Bible. The fact that it is not human nature because procreating is not possible in same-sex relationships.

L. Simons

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