This president is not about family values

September 12, 2004|By Rob Wheeler

Recently, President Bush participated in a new kind of campaign event - a private baseball game in the park just a stone's throw from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pa. Anyone interested in asking the president any questions was not allowed.

Baseball and family picnics are about as American as motherhood, apple pie and a walk in the park. In short, they are all about family values. But this administration is about anything but family values. If it was about family values, it would have introduced and passed tax cuts that targeted the poor and middle class and not the wealthy. It would have taken steps to protect our environment, instead of gutting environmental measures.

If it was about family values, it would not have sent American troops to a foreign land to be killed in a senseless and needless war. The administration would not have dropped cluster bombs, which harm and kill hundreds of innocent children who have no idea what they are playing with, nor have used enormous amounts of depleted uranium, which kills and severely sickens both Iraqis and our own soldiers who are poisoned and contaminated from its use.


If this administration was about family values it would not be telling lie after lie after lie. An impeachment motion has been introduced in Parliament against British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the lies he waged in order to take England into war.


Why hasn't this story been on the front pages of every paper, and been the lead news story on every news program in America? Both Bush and Blair told lie after lie after lie to drag us into the war. So far, it has cost us $135 billion. This should be The Story right now in the presidential campaign and not a whole nother pack of lies about a swift boat incident from 30 years ago.

George W. Bush and friends have told just as many lies as Tony Blair - far more lies than President Clinton told about Monica Lewinsky. Isn't it time that our Congress impeach George Bush as well?

Before the war started, the Carlisle Peace College circulated a petition and sent a letter to both Congressman Bill Shuster, from the 9th District in Pennsylvania and President Bush. We warned Mr. Bush that if he invaded and occupied Iraq, we would hold him personally responsible and accountable for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children, as well as our own soldiers and those of Iraq.

Well, Bush has gone ahead and the evidence is as clear as clear can be. He has violated the most fundamental articles of the U.N. Charter and the Geneva Conventions. He has committed the most egregious of acts. We even bombed and strafed a wedding party, killing many innocent villagers, along with the bride and groom, at 3 a.m.

What has happened to this story in the news and who is being held accountable?

We, the people of the United States of America, of the Carlisle Peace College, we hold the president and the entire top leadership of his administration responsible for these needless deaths, for what we would call these wanton murders. Bush should be tried and found guilty of high crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity and treason. He should be sentenced to jail rather than playing baseball and pretending to run for president.

It is time that we have justice in America and justice in the world. Bush must be held responsible for his reprehensible acts. This mission will not be accomplished until Bush has been tried and sentenced. As he himself has said, causing once again more senseless and needless killings - bring them on.

Bring on those who will act for family values, the family values that say that one who leads our country into war against a sovereign nation, and in the process violates countless international norms, laws and treaties, is truly guilty of the murder that then results. We will not stop until Bush is found guilty in a court of law for all that he has caused.

Rob Wheeler, of Fayetteville, Pa., is organizer of the Carlisle Peace College.

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