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Letters to the editor

September 12, 2004

Let 'fat cats' pay for $3 billion submarine

To the editor:

On Saturday, July 31, Laura Bush christened a $3 billion atomic attack submarine named "Texas." This nuclear-powered and armed submarine is being classified as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Laura's arrogant warning to the entire world was do not mess with "Texas."

Since this awesome weapon is classified as an "attack" submarine, she failed to mention the enemy we were planning to attack. Iran, North Korea and China probably laughed with glee when they heard this speech. They all know better than to attack our strength; they can just sit back and watch us destroy ourselves with our weakness.

America's weakness is its universal greed (love of money). This submarine is as useless as a $3 billion tin can that one discards after drinking the beer - unless one plans to "attack" in the future.


Since Bush didn't pay cash, Congress had to go visit the loan sharks and place the sub on a 50-year installment loan program. Debt is the amount of something owed. Therefore, when any American increases the price of anything from a candy bar to a doctor visit, he or she is creating more debt by creating more of something owed, which is called the "price."

"Price" is the most revered in the alleged "economy," and is therefore "Reverend Price."

Since we, as Americans, are in reality "money hogs," we all want to be first in line to feed at the trough. Money attracts hogs to the trough like feces draws flies, and the money becomes "hogged up" at a faster rate than the trough can be refilled.

In slang terms, these hogs are referred to as "fat cats." All of the presidential front-runners are "fat cats," supported and financed by special interests called "corporate hogs." John Kerry is the "fattest cat."

The election should be decided by the voters launching a terrorist attack on the "fat cats" disguised as an act of true patriotism. Since these fat cats placed the order for the "Texas," and the order was "shipped," the invoice, the balance due to these "fat cats" is $3 billion.

Since it was them, not us, who ordered this "shipment," they, not us, should be obligated to pay for the cargo. The best way for them to pay for the shipment is to pool their personal assets.

Each contributor should fork over all surplus savings except $1 million as leftovers. In other words, they all could donate $900 million toward the purchase of the sub and still remain as a "millionaire."

George Bush and all the rest of his pals and corporate cronies would also be well-pleased to join the "crowd," and come out smelling like single millionaires.

Jim Thompson
Chambersburg, Pa.

Yes, please do look at President Bush's record

To the editor:

In his speech to introduce George W. Bush to the 2004 GOP Convention on Sept. 2, New York Gov. George Pataki invited America to look at the President's achievements. George Bush remains on pace to be the first president since the Great Depression to record a net loss in jobs.

Under George Bush, America has lost 1.8 million private sector jobs.

Under George Bush, family incomes were reduced by $1,500.

Under George Bush, tax breaks were given to companies that were sending jobs overseas while families in America struggled just to make ends meet.

Under George Bush, jobs are shifting to industries that pay $9,160 less and are also less likely to provide health insurance.

In his acceptance speech, President Bush spoke about flex time and comp time after seeing over time pay taken from many workers when labor laws were changed the week before. He told America that his plan for the health- care crisis America faces is health-care savings accounts. Flex time and comp time cannot be deposited in a health care savings account or any other kind of savings account.

America simply can not afford four more years of this kind of achievement.

Nancy E. Sweigart

Speak out for world-class roads

To the editor:

For too many years, I have struggled to reconcile this county's world-class public school education claims with those always-average SAT scores. I believe that I have finally succeeded by considering the poor state of the county's rural roads.

My theory is that this county really does have world- class public school education, but the constant bouncing of school buses over potholes and patches results in significant loss of student knowledge, which is reflected in only average SAT scores.

I hope that all county residents join with me and demand world-class rural roads for the good of the children.

Daniel Moeller

Klan doesn't represent Sharpsburg

To the editor:

I want to offer my thanks to the officers of several police departments who attended the Ku Klux Klan rally in Sharpsburg. The police presence was extraordinary and it prevented violence from erupting. As a resident of the town, I deeply appreciated their protection and felt much safer because they were here.

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