Hancock Town Council votes for January elections

September 09, 2004|by TARA REILLY

In a close vote, the Hancock Town Council decided Wednesday night to continue holding the town's elections in January, despite the pleas of a councilman to change the date.

The Town Council voted 3-2 to hold the elections in January, reversing a unanimous vote in April to change the elections to April.

Councilmen David Smith and Randy Pittman voted to keep the town elections in January, while Councilmen Darwin Mills and Greg Yost voted to move the elections to April.


Mayor Daniel A. Murphy broke the tie by siding with Smith and Pittman.

Those in favor of holding the elections in January said they were concerned about whether council members could run for election and put together the annual budget at the same time.

They also questioned whether new council members would have enough experience to work on the budget, which goes into effect on July 1.

Mills said the budget isn't "that hard to put together."

Mills argued that moving the town elections to April would allow more people the opportunity to vote, senior citizens in particular, because they might not be kept in by winter weather in April.

Smith said that many of the town's seniors view voting as a priority and questioned the benefit of changing the month that elections are held.

"This is a flip-flop," Mills said.

"Why would you change your mind?" he asked Smith.

Smith responded that he didn't see a downside to the move at the time.

"Well, did you change your mind on raising water ... bills?" Mills asked.

Resident Mona True said during the discussion that she would prefer the elections be moved to April because of the weather issue. She said she also didn't think putting the budget together would be a big deal.

Murphy said the budget wasn't a simple process that takes several meetings to put together.

"I'm not even going to go there," Murphy said.

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