Bester parent upset with school policy

September 09, 2004|BY ANDREW SCHOTZ

HAGERSTOWN - An angry mother left Bester Elementary School on Wednesday after she was prevented from walking her son to his classroom.

As she drove away from the school, Tracey Campbell stopped her car, screamed at a police officer and threatened to sue the school.

A short time later, after calming down, Campbell said that walking her son, Samuel Thorne, to class has been a daily tradition since early in the last school year.


She said that one day last year, she noticed Samuel had been "mopey" and unenthused about going to school. When, at his request, she started walking him to his classroom, he perked up, Campbell said.

Campbell said she was told on Tuesday that she couldn't escort him. She said she didn't get an explanation why, so she tried again Wednesday and was refused. She said a few other parents who do the same with their children also were upset.

Campbell said she has pulled her son out of school and will find a school that will allow her to walk with him to class.

On Wednesday, a sign on a door to the school said, "After Tuesday, September 7, please let your child walk to his/her classroom by himself/herself. We ask that parents do not go to the classrooms unless they have a scheduled appointment. Thank-you! Have a great day!"

Joanne Hilton, who is in her first year as Bester Elementary School's principal, said the school lets parents walk children to classes for a few weeks, then asks them not to.

The first day of school was Aug. 25.

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