Mail Call

September 09, 2004

"I think President Bush's convention speech was more in favor of the wealthy and not the middle class or the poor. I am a senior in the middle class. One week after the speech, we seniors were hit with a $11 monthly increase in our Medicare. His speech said nothing about the economy, jobs or Social Security. He is spending our trust fund. Four more years of his administration and we seniors will be in the poor house. Vote for John Kerry."

- Williamsport

"Just saw something on TV about 'Leave it to Beaver' and a lot of people were saying that they wish they were back in those days. Are you showing or teaching your kids the values of being honest and doing things right or are you just letting them go on their own to places like Valley Mall, using vulgar language? You should set an example, sit down and spend time with them."


"I wish John Munson would explain to us why he would invest our tax money into a NASCAR track, but yet is so much against a new ballpark. Do you ride or go to NASCAR races and avoid baseball games, or what?"

"I was wondering if someone could give me a good recipe for stewed tomatoes?"

"Congratulations to Jason Sheller of Greencastle and Stephen Bockmiller of Middletown for their letters in the Sept. 6 Herald-Mail. Your factual answers to the pro-Kerry ramblings of Robert Ayer, Stephen Owings and Randy Breeden in the Sept. 1, letters were magnificent. Breeden and all other 'Kerry apologists' should remember that there might not be more than 58,000 names on the wall, if the war hadn't been prolonged by Kerry's comments before Congress in 1971."

"On Saturday, Sept. 11, a remembrance ceremony and candlelight vigil will be held at the City Park band shell at 7 p.m. for those in the community wishing to remember the fallen victims of 9-11-01."

"If you didn't read the article written by Joe Lane, you missed a good article. I see the House Bill 794 allows Washington County Commissioners to borrow $75 million for schools, highways and other capital projects. When are our County Commissioners going to enforce the impact fees? Those impact fees would pay for the schools, roads and water and sewer. The next election, everyone should get rid of the commissioners that we have now."

"There is a large department store chain that has a sign on the door that says 'no soliciting.' But, however, on the weekends every time you go there, there are Boy Scouts, etc. selling stuff. They are always soliciting in front of the store. Make up your mind, either you don't want it or you do. In that case, take the signs down and change your policy."

"I can't believe that there are people who don't know what the Republican National Convention is. What are the schools teaching the kids these days?"

"I am not a Republican or a Democrat, but I believe in democracy and being for the people and I believe in America, too. I am going to vote for President Bush."

"Just two things to say, in Thursday's paper, there was a 17- and 19-year-old who didn't even know what the Republican National Convention was. What school did you go to? Also, I think John Munson needs to retire and leave the Board of Education and the school kids alone. What happened to the surplus we had? Use some of that money. Fix the roads, yes, but leave the school kids alone."

"In certain neighborhoods there is a leash law. You must keep your dog on a leash at all times. If you walk your dog off your property, you are to have a pooper scooper. I am tired of having people leave their dogs' droppings on my property. Stay off of other people's property."

"We had a yard sale on Aug. 28, beside the Red Barron store in Williamsport. We have a China cup that belongs to the set that a lady bought. Please call me at 301-223-6727."

"Senator Kerry is so scary, I am going to get behind Bush."

"Can someone tell me where the Democratic headquarters is? Years ago, it used to be located in the West End. Where is it now?"

"I was happy to share my seafoam recipe with you. I am a great grandmother. I would like to meet you dear if you would like to share some of my other recipes. Please call Mail Call and leave your name and number."

- Hagerstown

"I have an answer to the problem at Bester. If the reason the kids aren't being bused to the school is because they live close to the school, then why don't the parents walk their kids to the school? Everyone gets exercise, everyone wins, no more traffic jams."

"To the Mail Caller who said that since Sept. 11, America hasn't been attacked and maybe Iraq had something to do with it. Not likely, Iraq was no threat to the United States, and as the president and the 9/11 commission has said, Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. Bush led us into the war on faulty intelligence and lies by many of the people who just wanted to get rid of Saddam. Sept. 11 was an important day in history, but Nov. 2, will be a more important day when Bush is thrown out of office."

"I read the New York Times on Sunday, too, and it was telling the truth."

"I wanted to thank the person for leaving the message in Mail Call in reference to the solar crosses that I have seen at Rose Hill Cemetery. Thanks very much, I appreciate it."

"To the people in the South End of Hagerstown who hosed or doused the kitten on Friday night. That poor cat was so cold and so scared, I spent an hour trying to catch it and get it out from under my back porch. That cat was so tiny and scared, how can people do this? I wish I knew who you were so I could turn you in."

"Would the newspaper devote a special page for high school soccer, golf, volleyball, etc., whatever sports it is, like it does for football? We would just like to have fair coverage for all team sports. Thanks."

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