Teen is ordered to spend 30 days at youth facility

September 09, 2004|by PEPPER BALLARD

A 16-year-old boy who showed up for juvenile court Wednesday with his shirt unbuttoned later was lectured by a judge.

"Did we get you up a little early this morning?" Washington County Circuit Judge Frederick C. Wright III, sitting in juvenile court, asked the youth, who was brought out of a holding cell for a disposition on burglary and assault charges.

"You're not dressed at 10:15 (a.m.) for court?" Wright asked as the boy walked to his chair, looking down as he slowly buttoned his shirt.

"I didn't have time when they took me out of the cell, sir," the boy replied.

The boy admitted to assaulting his father on May 30 and to an unrelated burglary charge, in which the boy, along with other youths, stole money and items from a home June 7, Washington County Assistant State's Attorney Steven Kessell said.


Wright said that the youth had tested positive for marijuana while he was on community detention.

The boy's attorney, Elisha Elliott, said that there were "four teens" involved in the burglary and only her client was charged. She said the youth was the only one of the teenagers who told the truth and took responsibility for the burglary.

Wright said, "There weren't other people who struck their father, there weren't other people who took money, there weren't other people that took marijuana" other than the youth.

"He should not be placing blame on anybody but himself," Wright said.

He ordered that the youth spend 30 days at Charles H. Hickey Jr. School, a noncommunity residential placement facility outside Baltimore.

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