Cool air keeps crowds away from pools

September 07, 2004|by PEPPER BALLARD

HALFWAY - Cars were lined up around the pool at Martin L. "Marty" Snook Memorial Park Monday afternoon, the last day the pool was open for the summer season, but the cars weren't parked for swimming, they were parked for football.

As the Washington County Junior Football League played in the distance, pool manager Bob Myers, wearing warm clothes under the office's shelter, looked through the mist at the small football players.

"It's more like football weather than it is swimming weather," he said.

But not for weathered swimmer Brittney Mills, who was the only person wading in the pool about 1 p.m. Monday.

"It was a little chilly at first, but when I first came in, it felt better," said Brittney, who would occasionally duck her head under the water while talking.


She said that she was at the pool Monday because "it's the last day and I don't wanna wait 'til next year."

"It's a long time 'til next summer comes around," she said, smiling wide as she paddled gently beside her purple-suited body.

Brittney, 10, had the pool to herself Monday as lifeguards, some wearing sweatshirts, stood below the pool's few lifeguard chairs, seeming to look for something to do.

Lifeguard Zach Shank was coming down off his chair wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt over his swimming trunks.

"It's quite cold out today," he said as a light mist fell over the pool.

Shank said he was hoping the last day would bring "sunny" weather, but he said that it didn't matter because the rest of the summer was fun.

His hands in his hooded sweatshirt's pocket, Shank said, looking at Brittney, "If she had had trouble, I would have dove in with the sweatshirt on."

Myers said that the pool would stay open until 6 p.m., as is advertised on the pool's office window.

At Potterfield Pool, on Frederick Street near the Washington County Board of Education office, an orange fluorescent sign was taped to the entrance door.

The pool was completely deserted and the sign, handwritten in purple magic marker, gave its reason: Closed.

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