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September 02, 2004

Meter man didn't know that you were visiting the hospital

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Linda Jones about her parking ticket. First of all, how would the gentleman that dispenses those tickets know that you are in Washington County Hospital? Those spaces around the hospital are not strictly for that purpose. There are other doctors' offices, businesses and residences around that area.

How would he know what you are going through at that particular time, even if he did know you were in the hospital? Did you know that on Antietam Street there is a parking garage that the city has graciously provided for purposes such as this one? And, if it was money that you were trying to save, it probably would have been cheaper to park in there than feed a meter and pay a parking ticket.

Remember, the man is just doing his job. Next time, maybe you should leave him a note and state your business.


Kim Taylor

Bush has made great strides

To the editor:

When President George W. Bush took office, he took the helm of a nation whose economy was entering into recession. Domestic reforms, such as education and a prescription drug benefit, languished in Congress as Washington focused on investigations and impeachment. And, terrorists, emboldened after years of appeasement, were living amongst us plotting the worst terrorist attacks in our nation's history.

Since assuming office, President Bush has not only had to face those challenges, but he has made the United States stronger, more secure and is leading us on a course of being financially sound.

While campaigning for the presidency it was clear that the previous administration was running out the clock on our strong economy as economic growth began to decline. To prevent a deep recession, the president proposed sweeping tax cuts to spur the economy. These tax reductions included a rebate for the middle class, broad- based income tax relief and additional deductions for small business owners.

Our economy was then hit with Sept. 11, 2001, where the nation's financial center took a direct hit. Then, it turned out that the economy of the 1990s was not as strong as we were led to believe because some corporate executives were cooking their accounting books. President Bush's response was to demand corporate accountability by signing legislation increasing penalties for corporate criminals.

Just as Presidents Kennedy and Reagan spurred economic growth through tax reduction, the Bush administration is successfully doing the same. By the end of last year economic growth was at its strongest point in 20 years and in the past year, the stock market has actually had its greatest one-year growth in a single year.

John B. Dunlap

Instinct tells us that we are safer with President Bush

To the editor:

The knee-jerk reaction of the liberal-left is well illustrated by the letter from Cheryl Harris Schell in last Sunday's Herald-Mail.

She claims she cannot understand how anyone who has any "semblance of intelligence" could vote for George Bush. Then she goes on to decry "a needless war founded on lies and deception by Bush so that he could keep his oil buddies happy ..."

Actually, lies and deception fit liberal "thought" on this point. Mindless and shallow also come to mind.

Schell has been watching too many Michael Moore pseudodocumentaries. The brain-washing is evident. What are the president's "oil buddies" doing with this oil? Keeping it in tanks in their backyard? Filling their swimming pools with the stuff? Actually, I'm glad oil companies exist. I think it is good to have oil. It heats my home in winter. It makes it possible for me to drive to work.

I hope Schell got to hear Rudy Guiliani this past Monday at the Republican Convention. I would hope she doesn't think he is one of those lacking in intelligence. He remembered saying on 9/11, "Thank God that George Bush is the President." He was smart enough to say it again Monday night.

Bill Clinton played around and responded like mush to terrorist attacks in the 90s. It is no wonder terrorists hit the World Trade Center. They had been led to believe America would not take the steps to protect itself.

America is safer because of President Bush's strong leadership. Most Americans know this instinctively. And logic and intelligence lead clear- thinking people to recognize this truth.

George Michael
Big Pool

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