Blast from the Past

September 01, 2004

Week of Aug. 29, 1954

Mrs. Hilda Poffenberger of Rohrersville has received through the mail this week a purse and its contents intact three weeks after she lost it here in Hagerstown.

In the purse was the only photograph she has of her father, who died last year, and $40 in cash. Mrs. Poffenberger would like to reward the sender but no one by the name written on the outside of the large envelope could be located.

C. Lester Burgesser, chief deputy county treasurer, is not often flabbergasted, but the receipt the other day of a court order on the county for $2.44 had him scratching his head for a while.

The court order was mailed to the treasurer's office by a county bank and was made payable to a county physician and covers his fee as a witness in court, plus $1.44 mileage. But what flabbergasted Burgesser was the fact that the order is dated November 1925.


Incidentally, the county pays the same mileage today it paid back in 1925.

Someone broke open the music box at the office of the Municipal Swimming Pool last night and extracted the coins, and also took four adult admission tickets to the pool.

Week of Aug. 29, 1979

Several city councilmen, notably Larry Vaughn and Ira Kauffman, say they're concerned about a lack of uniformed officers on the street and want plainclothesmen to fill in on a temporary basis.

But Police Chief Clinton Mowen says he doesn't have any plainclothesmen to spare at the moment.

The threat of action against troublemakers seems to have helped five downtown tavern owners who started a joint effort to rid their establishments of fights and vandalism.

And police have said that if more taverns join in the policy, offenders eventually could be driven from downtown.

If you want to park at the corner of West Washington and South Prospect streets in downtown Hagerstown, you'll have to get on the waiting list.

Because of low revenues from the little-used metered parking spaces at the city-owned Rochester parking lot, city officials are converting the lot for use by permit only, beginning Sept. 1.

By leasing all 98 spaces at $7 per month, the lot will bring in $8,232 per year, according to William Wellman, financial director.

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