Kucinos? Put boys in the 'hoods to work at Ritchie

August 29, 2004|by W. Carl Fulmor

While deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I have had the opportunity to keep up with local events in Washington County via the online edition of The Herald-Mail.

Here are a few suggestions on some current "dilemmas" in our beloved county.

Fort Ritchie is the answer to most of the county's current dilemmas. These of course being the KKK, gambling, PMDC, the Cascade Committee and Corporate Office Properties Trust.

Fort Ritchie is situated on 600 acres of prime, out-of-the-way land. Let's put it to good use.

The U.S. government allows some Indian tribes to operate casinos on reservations. The State of Maryland should allow the KKK, to operate a casino at Fort Ritchie.

This will solve a few problems.

One, it gets the KKK out of Sharpsburg, where they are apparently annoying the neighbors. Two, it has the potential to create, very quickly, the 1,400 jobs that COPT and PenMar Development Corp. have "promised."


Unfortunately, one problem arises from this: African Americans, Jews, Catholics and any other group it hates, need not apply.

So we need a work around on this one. Maybe by the end of this column, I will find one.

By allowing the KKK to operate the casino, we by no means would allow them to profit from this, and continue to fund their message of hate - oh no, the county will take all proceeds from the casinos and finally pay down the county's water and sewer debt, which by now I'm sure is threatening the federal trade deficit.

In paying down the water and sewer debt, hopefully the county will see the nonsense of running water up to 80 homes in Pen Mar and scrap the idea. (I doubt that one.)

Now COPT will be happy with this arrangement, because they will have "created" the 1,400 jobs and will get the land for a steal.

Since the land will be transferred, we now have a group without a purpose.

1. The Cascade Committee, a well-meaning organization, started as a save-the-school group, which they did - bravo.

Now, with the school saved and PMDC, your arch nemesis gone, you can now open a 24-hour Waffle House on the property right across from the gate of Fort Ritchie, which will be prime real estate.

This would be quite appropriate, considering your "waffling." We hate PMDC. We like PMDC, don't change a thing. We hate PMDC.

Take it off the grill; I do believe their goose is cooked. One elected official I would not invite to your grand opening though, would be Del. Chris Shank, after the way you treated him at that one meeting.

You will also be a continued benefit to the residents of Cascade by providing the soon-to-be-disbanded board of directors of PMDC with employment.

I'm sure they will want to work close to their former slice of heaven, to be there just in case it flops.

Director Rich Rook may go in halves with you on the property, so that he may open another Fazoli's - just a thought.

One caveat to the casino idea: The buildings will not be allowed to be taller than two stories. We don't want to offend the Citizens for the Protection of Washington County (CPWC). It doesn't want any "eyesores" in the county.

I wonder if they know about the planned water tower up near one of the most beautiful spots in Washington County - High Rock, in Pen Mar.

Well there you go, some interesting thoughts on a "way out" for the county, from afar.

SSG W. Carl Fulmor is a Washington County resident currently stationed in Kuwait.

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