What was said at the KKK Rally

August 29, 2004

The following are quotes from Saturday's Ku Klux Klan rally in Sharpsburg:

"Maybe on gay marriage (I could agree with the Klan) ... that doesn't go over too well with me. Everything else, I'll just stand back and hear what they've got to say ... I don't know if I could (join the Klan)."

-Justin Beachley, 22, Boonsboro

"We heard about this and I couldn't believe it was happening. Not in the year 2004. ... I wanted to show my kids what racism is all about and how it still exists."

- Michael Zepp, 42, Pasadena, Md.

"We came to protest. ... I don't know that much about them except that they're a white supremacist, racist organization."

-Hannah Skopek, 18, Bowie, Md.

"A lot of people down there (in Sharpsburg) believe what we believe."

- Gordon Young, 38, Hagerstown, Imperial Wizard World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

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