Send our local soldiers cards to show you care

August 27, 2004

As the candidates for president argue over the conduct of the war in Iraq, there are some people U.S. citizens cannot be allowed to forget - the sons and daughters of Americans who are serving there.

They did not choose to start the war, but with a few well-publicized exceptions, they have served well and honorably. We urge local citizens to pass on their best wishes to a group in need of support from the home front.

How? By participating in the South County Military Support Group's annual holiday card drive. Last year, the group, made up of parents of soldiers serving overseas, sent more than 13,000 cards to 35 soldiers and their units.

This year, the group is looking for more local servicepeople to receive the cards and to increase the number of cards donated to 20,000.


There are some rules that the group asks donors to follow:

· Don't seal your card because members of the support group will be reading them to make sure the messages are morale-boosters.

· Don't address the cards or add postage.

· Cards should be tasteful, but need not be store-bought, although the group is asking that they be standard-sized.

· Writers may request that those who receive the cards write back to them.

The drive will begin Sept. 15 and end Nov. 15, so cards can be sent in time for the holidays.

If you're not sure what to say, just share news of what's going on in your family or Washington County, provided of course, that's it's something upbeat.

You might describe the first day of a child's soccer practice, the smell of an apple pie cooling on the kitchen table or something funny that your dog did. Because these young soldiers also need spiritual comfort, you might also share something inspirational that you've read.

What seems ordinary to you will be a welcome taste of home for a soldier in the war zone. If you don't want to write, you can still help by donating money for postage.

Send cards and/or donations to this address: South Washington County Military Support Group, c/o Lynn Jones, P.O. Box 223, Keedysville, MD 21756.

Arrangement for pickup of cards may be made by calling Jones at 301-432-4979.

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