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August 26, 2004
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Please realize that you are making a choice by not voting - you're letting others decide how this country will move forward. Don't make the mistake I did four years ago. Get registered, get educated and then get yourself to the polls this November. There's nothing you will do that day that could be more important.

Christine Ford
Gerrardstown, W.Va.

Ask the GIs if voting matters

To the editor:

If Al Gore were President today, would American soldiers be dying needlessly in Iraq? No. Gore made a speech before our invasion arguing that attacking Iraq would distract from the war against al-Qaeda.

Election 2000 certainly affected the lives of the thousands of soldiers deployed in Iraq, and the lives of the hundreds who have been killed or wounded there.

The military is overstretched, and the President already plans to move troops from Europe and Korea into the Middle East. If reelected, he may reinstate the draft. I hope this explains to Michael Myers why election 2004 will affect him.


Zachary Z. E. Bennett

You're right, but don't stop trying

To the editor:

Michael Myers, your observation that "the names are different, but the views are all the same" and "No matter who's elected, nothing changes," are absolutely correct. But your non-voting response is totally wrong.

You've learned why these two parties are referred to as the establishment government. Voting for either won't save decent jobs (like yours) or America's industrial base from this establishment's apparent global socialistic economic agenda. Truly, a vote for either is a wasted vote.

Adopt a grass-roots party; work, promote and vote for it. Please don't do nothing. "The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is ..."

Stanley Kneiss

In a dictatorship, nobody gets to vote

To the editor:

Dear Michael,

You say your vote doesn't matter. I suppose everyone feels that way at one time or another.

In a dictatorship, one person, or a group decides all matters, with everyone else subject to obey, with no opportunity to object. I think of the oppressed countries of the Middle East.

We've had such groups in the United States, in which one person calls the shots and the rest of the people agree, or they're sent out of the group.

Democracy, with everyone having a chance to express an opinion, is a very precious state of affairs.

In our country, you can state your views. Maybe no one listens, but you have a chance to express them.

The letters to the editor provide this - glad, mad quarrelsome, encouraging. They get printed because Americans have a free press. Not all countries have that.

The people who fashioned our country tried to fashion a government everyone could share in. Your vote gives you the right to share.

If you don't vote, don't criticize. Your non-vote didn't register! I wouldn't miss a chance to vote and neither would my husband.

Agnes Jurgens
Chambersburg, Pa.

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