Mail Call for 8-24

August 25, 2004

"I wish we could just drop this Vietnam issue once and for all. It's distraction news. A man who never went to Vietnam can't continuously attack a man who did serve and was honorably awarded three Purple Hearts. If you don't believe Kerry's story, then you are saying that you don't believe the military who investigated those incidents and awarded him the medals."

"I don't understand how people in this country who are in their right mind can vote for a man who can't run and manage his own campaign and expect him to turn around and run a country that is as great as ours."

"I am calling about the raccoon issue. I am calling from Mississippi. I read your paper every day. My point is, I grew up in Maryland and the entire time I was growing up until I was 10 years old, I had a pet raccoon and nobody ever bothered me about it. So give her the raccoon back. She already had it for 13 years, what is another 13 years going to hurt?"


- Mississippi

"Kudos to Jack Griffith for a wonderful letter to the editor in Thursday's paper about Allan Powell. He has Allan Powell down pat. Everyone should read that one."

"Friends and all who have benefited from Mike Callas' generosity over the years, a reminder for you to attend 'Mike Callas Night with the Suns,' Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 6 p.m. The first 500 attendees will receive a key chain and miniature ball bat with Mike's name. See you on Aug. 25 at the stadium."

"Wanted to let everyone know that there will be a peace and unity gathering on Aug. 28 at the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg beginning at 9:30 a.m. with a worship and prayer service at the Dunker Church and then from 11 a.m. until dusk there will be eight bands, children's activities and a storyteller. This is from the South Mountain Community Outreach Coalition for Tolerance and Unity. No KKK welcome."

"This is in response to the caller looking for the recipe for 44321 cookies. If you're thinking about no-bake cookies with oatmeal you combine one-half cup cocoa, two cups sugar, a stick of oleo, half a cup of milk and a shake of salt. Cook this on the stove stirring constantly, boil it for two minutes, add a one-half cup peanut butter, three cups of oatmeal and a teaspoon of vanilla. Stir up well and then let set for a few minutes. Then spoon out onto wax paper and let cool. I hope this helps."

"This is the third time I've called and my call hasn't been printed yet. Will this one be any different? Commissioners, it's time to finish what you've started. Get these bridges back in service. You know people west of Hagerstown pay county taxes too. Instead of repaving roads that don't need it badly in the North and East ends, how about completing the Broadfording and McDade bridges. It's been way too long now and the Broadfording bridge with its completion date is unacceptable. Come on, fellows, quit playing favorites and finish what you started."

"Just wanted to say congratulations to Katie Lynch on becoming a member of the Shippensburg University Red Raiders Marching Band. She'll be in the color guard. Can't wait for her first game."

"Yes, I read in the paper where they're going to finish the house in Boonsboro for the two people that don't have work or whatever and can't afford a house. Well, the one lady works at the school cafeteria and I'm sure she doesn't work there for nothing. I think these things should be checked on before they put a poor mouth on and say they don't have nothing. I have to work to pay my taxes so I think when people can work then they shouldn't have one of these houses but if they can't work then it's a different story."

"Yes, I have a question for the lady who went to the Republican center to get her tickets to see Bush. It was my understanding that you had to go inside to get tickets. That's what I had to do in Martinsburg and no one actually came to my vehicle and looked at me. So, I think she's just like John Kerry and not telling the whole truth and just wanted to get on TV. So if she sees this or anyone that knows her sees this, please reply to this or ask her to reply to this."

"The recipe for 44321 cookies, one-quarter teaspoon salt, two cups sugar, one cup low-fat chocolate milk, one-quarter cup margarine, one-half cup peanut butter, one-half cup coconut optional, one cup chopped peanuts, one teaspoon vanilla, six cups oatmeal. Bring salt, sugar, milk and margarine to a boil, remove from heat and stir in remaining ingredients. Shape into 2-inch balls and put on wax paper. Makes four dozen. Each cookie contains 115 calories."

"I have a question. Why does the Hagerstown fire companies call the Boonsboro district when we have a fire company here to support? That's what I tell them when they call here and I don't think that's quite right."

"This in response to the person who wanted to know where to get the yellow magnetic ribbons to support the troops. I found them at and they were only $3.85, I believe, per ribbon."

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