Tracey transcript

August 24, 2004

Editor's Note: The transcript below was acquired by The Herald-Mail through a Maryland Public Information Act request. All medical information about the patient was redacted from the transcript before it was provided to the newspaper. Some readers may find some of the language offensive.

March 5 - Listed as Incident # 3404 at 911

07:22:59 a.m. - Call to 911

911 Dispatcher Bowers: 9-1-1 Emergency, police, fire or ambulance?

Gibson: Ambulance

Bowers: Where do you need the ambulance at?

Gibson: Maple Avenue, Smithsburg, Maryland

Bowers: Is there an apartment with that?

Gibson: 2...Apartment 1, first floor

Bowers: OK. What's the phone number you are calling from?

Gibson: (gives the phone number).


Bowers: And what do you need the ambulance for?

Gibson: I got a (redacted) patient, (redacted). She's (redacted). Hurry please, it's my girlfriend.

Bowers: OK, well, I have questions I have to ask. My partner will start the ambulance while I'm talking to you.

Gibson: OK.

Bowers: Are you with her now?

Gibson: Yes.

Bowers: How old is she?

Gibson: Twenty.

Bowers: Is she conscious?

Gibson: (redacted)

Bowers: OK.

Gibson: We still have a pulse. She's got (redacted).

Bowers: OK. Is she having ... Is this her (redacted) today?

Gibson: Yes, this is the first one I've ever seen.

Bowers: OK, and she (redacted).

Gibson: Yes.

Bowers: Is she (redacted)?

Gibson: (redacted).

Bowers: Does she have (redacted)?

Gibson: (redacted). Please hurry, she's (redacted).

Bowers: Sir, I'm asking the questions. My partner is starting the ambulance. I do need to ask the questions.

Gibson: I know the ambulance hasn't been started yet, I'm listening.

Bowers: I understand that, but I have to get through these questions.

Gibson: Jesus. Christy.

Bowers: Is she still seizing?

Gibson: Christy. She's (redacted). Hurry.

Bowers: Sir, I understand. Is she (redacted)?

Gibson: She's (redacted). She's (redacted). No. Christy?

Bowers: Is she (unreadable) breathing regularly?

Gibson: Christy. She (redacted).

Bowers: She's not breathing now? Is she not breathing now?

Gibson: Hold on. I've got to check. Christy? No.

Bowers: Is that (redacted)?

Gibson: (redacted).

Bowers: OK. So she (redacted). OK, what I want you to do. I don't want you to do CPR. I don't want you to hold her down. Don't force anything into her mouth. Move any dangerous objects away from her. OK?

Gibson: She's (redacted).

Bowers: She probably did.

Gibson: Oh my goodness, Christy.

Bowers: What I want you to do. I want you to turn her on her side.

Gibson: She is.

Bowers: OK.

Gibson: Christy.

Bowers: Has she (redacted).

Gibson: Yes.

Bowers: Is she (redacted).

Gibson: (redacted).

Bowers: OK. The ambulance has been started. Just keep her comfortable and if there is (unreadable) and don't hold her down. And don't move her unless you absolutely need to.

07:28:42 a.m. Phone disconnected by caller.

Bowers: Sir?

07:24:57 a.m. - Dispatch of call

911 Dispatcher Hopkins: 2 Maple Avenue, Apartment 1, a (redacted) patient. Medic 79 respond at 7:25 (a.m.).

07:29:04 a.m. - Second call to 911

Hopkins: 9-1-1 emergency, police, fire or ambulance?

Gibson: Still waiting on an ambulance at 2 Maple Avenue.

Hopkins: All right.

Gibson: Come on man.

Hopkins: They have been dispatched.

Gibson: Well they...she's (redacted)...she's...she's...

Hopkins: (redacted).

Gibson: (redacted).

Hopkins: And (redacted). All right. How long has (redacted)?

Gibson: Since before I hung up.

Hopkins: Since before you hung up?

Gibson: Christy, baby, come on.

Phone disconnected

Hopkins: He hung up.

911 Dispatcher Bobby Myerly: Yep.

07:29:36 - Medic Unit Responds

Paramedic 792 (P792): P792 responding.

Bowers: 2 Maple Avenue, seizure, Paramedic P792 responding. P792, 20-year-old female (redacted), 7:29 (a.m.).

P792: OK, headquarters. Did they advise if its going to be a house or apartment?

Bowers: Apartment 1.

P792: OK.

07:29:38 - Third call to 911

911 Dispatcher Hoopengardner: 9-1-1 emergency police, fire or ambulance?

Gibson: Every time I move it hangs the phone up. I'm sorry.

Hoopengardner: OK.

Gibson: I hear them. They're coming.

Hoopengardner: Yep, they're just about there.

Gibson: Bye.

07:31:52 - Medic Unit radioed emergency services that it had arrived on the scene

07:33:37 - Medic Unit advised emergency services that it had a working code and asked for assistance.

07:33:56 - Emergency services dispatched the fire department.

Hoopengardner: 2 Maple Avenue, to assist P792 with a working code. Engine Company 7 respond. Number 2 Maple Avenue, to assist P792 with a working code. Engine Company 7 respond, 7:34 (a.m.).

07:36:56 - Ambulance support unit responds and goes on the scene.

Unit 790 (U790): Headquarters, U790 is responding.

Bowers: Responding U790 7:36 (a.m.).


U790: 790 is on the scene.

Bowers: On the scene U790, 7:36 (a.m.).

07:37:21 - Fire department unit responds and goes on the scene

Special Unit 7 (SU7): Headquarters, SU7, Captain 7, with 2.

Bowers: SU7, Captain 7 with 2, 7:37 (a.m.).


SU7: SU7 is on the scene.

Bowers: On the scene SU7, 7:37 (a.m.)

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