History Channel looks at unsavory characters

August 23, 2004

Monday, Aug. 23

7 a.m. on Cinemax

"The Man Without a Past"

Time was when Cinemax didn't banish some of its "Vanguard" films to obscure times, but now the assumption seems to be that technology makes the hour irrelevant. Here, Markku Peltola stars as a man with amnesia who fares better after starting over. Tomorrow at 11:15 a.m., Zooey Deschanel and Paul Schneider in "All the Real Girls."

8 p.m. on the History Channel

"Targeted: Osama bin Laden"

Under the unappealing title "Reign of Terror Week," the History Channel is looking at some truly unsavory characters. This program tells how bin Laden became "the world's most dangerous terrorist" and gives an update on the hunt for him.

9 p.m. on the Sundance Channel

"The Other Final"

For champions, there's always the Olympics. In this offbeat alternative, you can see the lowest-ranked teams in soccer's 2002 World Cup competition - Bhutan and Montserrat. They showed "true sporting spirit" as they battled to avoid being officially labeled "world's worst."

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