Families soak in the sun and fun at HCC's Lollipopalooza

August 23, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

HAGERSTOWN - Children at Hagerstown Community College on Sunday danced and sang along to tunes about cleaning up their bedrooms, memorizing their phone numbers and brushing their teeth.

Renee Baker, HCC coordinator of student activities, said an estimated 200 people - mostly families - attended the fourth annual Lollipopalooza at the college's alumni amphitheater. The event included music, refreshments and carnival rides.

The free event - during which each child is given a lollipop - is held right before the school year starts as a way for families to have fun and be entertained, Baker said.


Mom and Me, a Jefferson, Md.-based musical act, sang and danced for the children at the event.

The songs, written by Dennis and Rosanne Fraley, are meant to be fun, educational and easy for children to sing, said Rosanne, the "Mom" of "Mom and Me."

With their parents' help, children sang "the Phone Number Song," during which the children stated their phone numbers.

Some families were more animated than others during the performance.

Patricia Delosier, of Hagerstown, and her daughter, Amy, 5, sat and watched the concert quietly.

But as a song titled "Pick Up After Yourselves" was introduced, Patricia Delosier leaned over and said to Amy, "Listen to this one."

Many of the kids smiled, laughed and pointed as Dennis Fraley - wearing a large yellow duck outfit - came onto the stage during the "Dennis the Duck Theme Song."

Rosanne Fraley said that since Dennis the Dazed Duck is shy, the children should shout out "Dennis," which they did with glee.

Children and families interviewed said the duck was their favorite part of the event.

Nick Moats of Williamsport said his 22-month-old son, Camryn Moats, loved Dennis' appearance because he likes ducks.

Nick Moats praised the event.

"It is for the kids. There are not too many events for the kids," he said.

Mike Potter said his children, Tiffany Potter, 7, and Megan Potter, 6, also were fans of the duck.

"I think it is really nice," Mike Potter said of the event. "It is kid-oriented and educational."

After the show, Dennis went over to a large inflatable slide, the Accelerator, on which children were taking turns climbing and sliding down.

As children shouted, "Duck! Duck! Duck!," Dennis climbed and then slid down the slide. The children gave him a round of applause.

But it wasn't just children getting in on the fun.

At a student's suggestion, Donna Rudy, 59, dean of students at HCC, had her face painted like a cat, black whiskers and all.

Rudy, 59, said it was the first time she ever had her face painted.

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