Fleagle moving office to Potomac Street

August 19, 2004|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - A growing lack of storage and work space, traffic noise, parking woes and some minor vandalism have combined to bring about a change of address for the office of state Rep. Patrick Fleagle.

Fleagle, R-Franklin, who is running unopposed for his ninth consecutive term this year, said he is moving his office from 116 W. Main St. to 220 S. Potomac St. in October.

Fleagle, 53, has occupied the same rented space on West Main Street since he took office in January 1989. He also has an office in the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., staffed by one aide.


Sandy Shook, 55, began working as a legislative aide in the Waynesboro office the same week. Aides David Mackley and Heather Blount also work in the office. Blount is a part-time employee.

Shook said the staff fields up to 50 phone calls a day from constituents and handles questions and problems from 20 to 30 walk-ins on a typical day.

Services include renewing driver's licenses and auto registrations, obtaining birth certificates, assisting new businesses, helping nonprofit groups with grant applications and senior citizens with state drug prescription programs.

"We untangle a lot of red tape for people," Shook said.

"This office is a last resort for people," Fleagle said. "This will give us space to offer more privacy and convenience to our constituents."

"There are four people in this office. We're sitting on top of each other," Shook said.

The new office will provide more than twice the space of the West Main Street office, she said.

It will have more parking, more space for work and storage, a room where people can meet privately with Fleagle or the staff, and it will be handicapped-accessible, she said.

Fleagle said last week that a few minor vandalism problems have occurred at the office, including someone throwing a trash can through the window on the Cleveland Avenue side of the building.

The move is scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 1 and 2, and the new office is scheduled to open Oct. 4.

Fleagle hired a company to move the heavy items that weekend but he and the staff will move smaller items in the week before.

"Pat said we're not closing the office, even if someone has to sit on a box with a paper and pencil and take notes," Shook said.

Things will be difficult for the first few days the new office is open while the staff waits for a crew from the House of Representatives' telecommunications office in Harrisburg to come to Waynesboro and set up the telephone and computer systems, Shook said.

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