Couple claims $50,000 lottery jackpot

August 17, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

HAGERSTOWN - After years of selling lottery tickets at their 7-Eleven on Dual Highway, the couple that holds the franchise for the store were big winners this week.

Sharon and Bob Wyne, both 60, of Funkstown, filed a claim for a $50,000 Pick 3 Bonus Match-Up prize in Baltimore on Monday.

"I am very surprised and very pleased," Bob Wyne said Monday night.

The Wynes have been 7-Eleven franchisees and have operated the store since 1980, Sharon Wyne said Monday.

While some customers regularly purchase lottery tickets at the store, she plays only a few times a month, she said.

On Saturday, customers said they heard a winning ticket had been sold at the store, she said.

Sharon Wyne said she read a newspaper story to that effect Saturday night and thought, "Well, I have some of those tickets in my (sweater) pocket."


She thought she had a winning ticket but was not positive until she called Lottery headquarters Monday morning, she said.

The Wynes went to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on Monday to give lottery officials the ticket and sign paperwork.

The $50,000 is to arrive at their house in about 10 days, Bob Wyne said.

Taxes on the prize are paid by the Maryland Lottery.

Sharon Wyne said she knows how they will use the money and said they would pay some bills.

Bob Wyne agreed.

Asked if they would retire or quit working at the store, both laughed.

Bob Wyne said it will be at least 10 years before he retires.

He said he thinks "lucky rocks" might have helped the couple win the prize.

A few years ago he brought hundreds of polished stones back from the beach and gave them to people, telling them they were lucky rocks, provided they were rubbed every day.

His wife keeps a rock in her pocket and rubs it every day, he said.

While Monday was an exciting day for the couple, it ended for Bob Wyne at about 7 p.m. He goes to bed about that time so he can work a shift at the store starting at 3 a.m., Sharon Wyne said.

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