Letters to the editor

August 16, 2004

A picture of happiness

To the editor:

"A picture is worth a thousand words" was never more true than the picture by Kevin Gilbert in the Sunday, July 25, newspaper of Becky and son Braden McSherry. Becky has become known to many of you because of her ongoing battle with an involved blood clotting disorder, lupus and multiple related complications.

She recently underwent an experimental stem-cell transplant in Chicago. Prior to that she was advised by both Hershey Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Hospital to go home and prepare to die as there was nothing else that could be done.

How they expected a 30-year-old wife, daughter, sister, friend, mother of two and stepmother of two to go about that process is beyond me. But Becky didn't give up. Instead she researched and found the program in Chicago, but unfortunately, also found the cost not covered by insurance due to its experimental status.


Her husband, Michael (originally from Hagerstown) strongly supported her, and thus met the hurdle of raising at least $150,000.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those here in Washington County who have helped to make the transplant possible.

Our sincere appreciation to North High Key Club basket raffle, Maugansville Ruritan Club auction, Hagers-town Police Department "Bikers for Becky," Carolyn and Vernon (Mom and Dad) McSherry's basket raffle, Pat and Karl (Mom and Dad) Piles' yard sale, Dustin McSherry's Web site, individual contributors to the Orrstown Bank trust fund, local supporters of fund-raisers held in Shippensburg, Pa., and our families: the Kellers, the McSherrys and the Piles.

Likewise, we are grateful to those who prayed for her, sent cards, made calls or other acts of kindness. She is two months post-transplant and it will take six months to a year to know the results. Becky fights her diseases every day and what better motivation than her children and husband.

Thank you to everyone who has helped give Becky a chance at life.

Karla Pile McSherry

Can one rule fit all?

To the editor:

Are there slot machines in heaven? Hmm.

Did Jesus carry a gun? Hmm.

Does "pro-life" also mean against secondhand cigarette smoke, and banning it from all public places to save lives? Hmm.

If guns result in the use of shock trauma being used, why isn't there a fee added to a gun sale like there is to your motor vehicle? Hmm.

Should the state treat guns like a motor vehicle, registration fee, tax, title, photo ID, insurance, license, shock trauma fee, transfer tax? Think of the revenue the state would gain. Hmm.

(No this would not take away your right to bear arms, just add responsibility, same as a motor vehicle.)

Is God "zero tolerant" meaning one strike and you're out? Hmm.

If the excuse of our troops being in Iraq now is to bring democracy and to liberate and make it liberal, why are we being told in this country that liberals are wrong. Hmm.

Were we put on this earth to judge others, or is that God's job? Hmm.

Should the Ten Commandments (which everyone has broken at least once or more in a lifetime) be preached, or the "Golden Rule" in everyday life?

Do (and say) unto others as you would have others do unto you. Should we be teaching our children, grandchildren, co-workers, CEOs, neighbors and fellow Americans this standard of life? Hmm.

C. Cramer

House blocking drug negotiation

To the editor:

On July 14, I was at a press conference at the U.S. Capitol, for a discharge petition to bring HR-3767 to the House floor for a vote. This bill directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate for lower drug prices and creates a guaranteed Medicare prescription drug option for all Medicare beneficiaries. This bill is a lot less confusing for seniors. They will not have to worry if they have the right prescription drug plan.

With the secretary of HHS negotiating for the lowest drug prices, this bill be a lot less expensive for the government and Medicare beneficiaries. But the House leadership will not let the bill come to the floor of the House for a vote.

William Stevens
Vice President
Retiree Chapter One
Westminster, Md.

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