Mail Call

August 12, 2004

"I was just reading the article about the income of Tom Ridge and the preacher. I make less than $9,000 a year and if I made those kind of wages, I would be living high on the hog."

"To the person who put in the paper about the Bush bashers. Bush is the one that got this country in the shape it's in. He needs to get his nose out of that country and pull our men out. I think he already got enough of our men killed. As far as Sept. 11, yes, those people were victims. They should be recognized. But no, did we get a holiday for them? No. We should. Sept. 11 should be a holiday for all students, county and government offices. That was a big attack we took. Bush is upgrading everything in this country. We can't afford gas, groceries, we can't afford anything anymore. He needs to get out of there. He is only holding a grudge for what his father started over there. Get your nose out of where it doesn't belong."


"In regards to an article I just read in the paper. Downtown Hagerstown has gotten so bad that I stopped going to my hairdresser of more than 26 years because I felt so unsafe walking from the parking area to the salon. Now I see that a shooting took place in that area. It's just a few feet from where the new college is going. This isn't going to be good at all. It will get worse when the college gets there."

"To the person who was talking about adopting a foreign child. Let me tell you, there are not many children available for adoption in the United States. You should get the statistics as far as what children are available and the fact that birth mothers still have rights, even after adoption is final. But as far as you saying they are used as a status symbol, that is absolutely ridiculous to say a child is used as a status symbol. A child is a child, no matter what color the child is or where the child comes from."

"I just came down the new Willie Mays Way that used to be Memorial Boulevard and I just wanted to say that this is quite a tribute to a great baseball player who started his career here in Hagerstown at Municipal Stadium. I appreciate what was done by renaming this boulevard."

"Can anyone tell me how to get mustard out of carpet? I have tried everything under the sun and can't get it out. Call Mail Call and let me know. I will try anything. My carpet isn't that old and I would like to get it out."

"A friend just informed me that his 23-year-old son just got his 18-year-old girlfriend pregnant. Do you think before they had sex they were checked for AIDS, hepatitis or any other diseases? No! Why, because heterosexuals believe they won't get AIDS. They are invincible, it's just a gay disease. Well, guess what, America, 90 percent of the cases of AIDS in the world are heterosexuals. The fastest growing number of AIDS cases in America is among youths between 18 and 24 and black women. Wake up American, face the truth, after more than 20 years and millions of dollars spent to educate our children about AIDS, nobody gets it."

"Welcome, Father Richard Murphy, the new pastor at St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church in Hagerstown."

"My question is, if they put a Wal-Mart just west of I-70 off of Dual Highway, will they do the same thing to the Dual Highway that they just did west of I-81 as far as the traffic pattern is concerned on U.S. 40? Will the Dual Highway be changed that much and why can't they put the Wal-Mart on the other side of I-70?"

"Mayor Breichner smiles most of the time during the council meetings, but the city taxpayers aren't smiling."

- Hagerstown

"I want to thank the waitress named Ruth who was working this past Sunday at IHOP. I tell you, that waitress kept her cool and took charge. She was just so fantastic. I just wanted to thank the waitress."

"There are plenty of back yards around with 10-foot weeds and piles of dirt and debris. When is the city going to start this house inspection program?"

"I called the other day about adopting foreign children. I had a few good responses, but I think they missed my main point. I did research, so I am not really that narrow-minded. I know about the problems of adopting children. One of my friends was adopted years ago and we are still friends, so I do know what I am talking about. Personally, no, it's not my business. The one person who responded said the reason we adopted foreign was because the wait was shorter and not as expensive. That's a good point, but instead of lashing out at me, you should lash out at the system. But I did appreciate the responses. As far as the status symbol comment I made, I have seen that. I am not saying that everyone that adopts uses it as a status symbol, I think I was misinterpreted. No, I am not prejudiced."

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