Letters to the editor

August 06, 2004

Hit them where it hurts

To the editor:

Well, at least we have the 9/11 Commission report and I think it's a good one, too. Sure, mistakes were made and we were too lax before Sept. 11, 2001. But the important thing now is to make the necessary changes in the CIA and FBI and improve homeland security, so we can be more effective in preventing an attack by the terrorists.

I think we should have an answer to al-Qaida and Jahad when they make their threats or take hostages. After all, don't we know who our enemy is? Why not tell them when they threaten us that if they attack us, killing hundreds or thousands of people with chemicals or bombs, we will take out your schools where you've been teaching your people to hate us for years.

I'm sorry, but this is war and we cannot be held hostage by these Islamic fanatics forever. We must find a way to hurt them when they commit these terrorists acts against us. Enough is enough. We have to find a way to make them know when they do these things they will be hurt in some way.


With our weaponry now, we could notify them ahead so as to save lives. Destroying their facilities would get their attention.

The better way would be to find out why they hate us and want to do us harm. I don't think we should ever talk to Osama bin Laden or the like because of what they have done, but we should try to communicate with some high officials in the Islamic world to find out what they want and how we could live in this world together. The only answer is peaceful co-existence with respect for each other and our different cultures. How to achieve this is a big problem, I'm sure.

I would rather not have to retaliate, but enough is enough.

Listen, these terrorists are supported financially and are hidden by someone, and I think it's time to tell them to stop the attacks and communicate with us, or as I say, enough is enough. We cannot live in fear and anxiety forever.

Jack Myers

Yard sale a hit

To the editor:

To Hagerstown Business College:

Thanks for a job well done. The yard sale was a wonderful success on Saturday, July 24. A fun time was had by all. The weather was wonderful and there were many great buys.

I certainly hope you will have this event again in the near future. Thanks again for a great day. The staff did a great job.

Juanita L. Klein

Marriage, defined

To the editor:

It is with profound disbelief that I have learned that the U.S. Senate has failed to pass the marriage amendment to the Constitution. A further insult was that Sens. Paul Sarbanes and Barbara Mikulski voted against its passage. While I don't know the exact numbers of the people lobbying for or against its passage, I have to believe a clear and probably substantial majority of the lobbying requests were in favor of the amendment's passage. I feel this way because the moral value of its passage was so great.

It is said many times in the King James version of the Bible that marriage is only the union of a man and a woman.

This then makes the definition of marriage as a union between man and woman indisputable by any stretch of the imagination. I defy anyone to find one sentence in the King James Bible that states otherwise. I also feel that homosexuals have no rights of entitlement under any government program or benefit. Since like sexes cannot conceive, neither do they have any paternal rights, and should not be allowed to adopt children ever.

Also, churches that harbor or recognize homosexual marriage or churches that allow homosexuals to hold office at any level cannot have God present in their midst. I can only believe that the one they think is God is really the Antichrist in disguise.

However, I do not favor in any way any abuse of homosexuals. I do feel that we as Christians must encourage them to change their ways and find the true living God so he can show them the way of the true living God. In closing, I hope the voters of Maryland know that our two illustrious senators have bowed to the special interest groups that rule the Democratic Party, and decide to vote the one out of office and start impeachment proceedings against the other. Remember, the Democratic Party is now the party of the ultrarich and the megabuck special interest groups. The common person is still welcome in the Republican Party.

James Izer

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