Seen and heard at Ag Expo

August 06, 2004|by RYAN C. TUCK

Kelsey Smith, 10, of Keedysville, says she really likes horses.

That was obvious after watching her compete in the Horseless Activity at Ag Expo on Thursday.

Smith was watching as Tennessee walking horses Cruise and Mark grazed, galloped and trotted around in an open field at Ag Expo.

Participants were evaluating the horse based on areas such as muscling, balance, smoothness, physicality and, according to Smith, personality.

She said she probably would give a better rating to Mark because "he's curious like my horse ... and seems relaxed and curious.

"That's the type of personality that I look for," she said.

Olivia Day, 7, and Stewart Day, 5, were bending over a cage Thursday in the rabbit tent and staring at a seemingly ordinary wooden box.


But on closer examination, the Days shrieked with delight to discover that two baby Holland lop rabbits were sleeping inside.

Shannon Uzelac, 20, whose family owns the young rabbits, said they are 10 days old and have yet to open their eyes.

Uzelac said the babies, who weigh less than a pound and are only around 3 inches long, will stay by their mother's side at all times for another four weeks.

Olivia and Stewart's brother, Spencer, 10, arrived after his siblings but also was surprised when he saw the babies.

"They're so cute," he said.

Sara Jones and her goat, Luke, were eating and taking a walk at Ag Expo Thursday but who was leading whom was anyone's guess.

Sara, 8, said she was in control even though Luke weighs 69 pounds and "can be wild."

Luke and Sara have been walking together for four months since his birth and Jones said they are close.

"I talk to him ... let him know everything is OK," she said. "I try and stay calm around him."

Sara lives on Dancing Oaks Farm in Smithsburg and said she has been handling goats for years.

Experience has made her more comfortable with selling her male goats every year, she said.

"Whenever they get killed, it's sad because you've been there since its birth," she said. "But if others are around, you get over it."

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