Dogs put on a show at Old Home Week

August 06, 2004|by BONNIE H. BRECHBILL

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - In opening the first dog show ever held during Greencastle-Antrim Old Home Week, Greg Hoover mentioned the importance of tradition in the celebration.

"It looks like we just started another one here with the dog show," he said. "Now your dogs will have a chance to renew old friendships and make new ones during Old Home Week."

A lifelong resident of Greencastle, Hoover is president of the Old Home Week Association for the 35th Triennial celebration, which started Saturday.


Fifty-four dogs and their owners paraded in front of a crowd of a few hundred people Thursday afternoon at the Jerome R. King Playground on North Carlisle Street.

Spectators crowded six deep around the roped-off show ring as dogs large and small, young and old, competed in 10 categories.

Winner of the Most Unusual category was a white Corgi mix named Pansy, owned by Andrea Holliway of Greencastle. "Most Corgis are brown and white or black and white," Holliway said, explaining why the judges deemed Pansy unusual.

In the Patriotic category, several canines circled the ring wearing red, white, and blue scarves, shirts and hats. One large dog wore spinning red pinwheels on his head.

A tiny, 3-month-old pug, Darla, was escorted around the ring by Brandon Boyer of Williamson, Pa., and his 17-month-old son, also named Brandon.

Barb Trumpower of Greencastle dressed up her Schnauzer, Rocky Marciano II, in a wig, white bonnet and a frilly pink and white dress from Dollywood.

"He's a she today," Trumpower said. She carried Rocky into the ring for the Best Costume competition because the long dress interfered with his back legs, and carried him out with the first-place medal around his neck.

Dr. Alan Oliver of Greencastle Veterinary Hospital served as one of the judges. "We're having a lot of fun," he said, while taking a break under a shade canopy. "This is not a hard job."

In the Best Trick category, a pointer obeyed the commands of his owner and was rewarded with cubes of cheese, and a border collie high-fived his owner, fetched his own water bowl, mat and pillow and took a nap. Most dogs cooperated, while others seemed distracted by the crowd and the unfamiliar surroundings.

Taking top honors in the category was 5-year-old Amber, a yellow Lab owned by Neal Glessner of Hagerstown.

When Glessner said "bang," Amber lay down as if dead. She crawled, sat up, froze and turned left and right on his commands.

Glessner put a piece of beef jerky on Amber's upturned nose, told her to freeze and stay, and she did not eat the treat until he gave the command. He said Amber was bred for intelligence as a field trial dog.

At home, Amber pushes chairs, closes doors and drawers and picks up the remote for him, Glessner said.

The show was sponsored by the Greencastle-Antrim Lioness Club. Joel Kabik of radio station WAYZ 104.7 FM served as master of ceremonies.

Old Home Week continues through the weekend. For more information about the schedule and activities, go to

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