Mail Call

August 05, 2004

"I am almost 80 years old and I live close to the hospital. A friend took me to the store last Thursday for my groceries. We put my groceries on my front porch. I took them in and put my perishables away. I forgot my 12-pack of Pepsi. When I went back out to get it, it was gone. Someone took it when they walked by. It was on my front porch. It was my property and my soda so you are a thief. Once a thief, always a thief."

"To the person who said they had lichen planis skin disease and wanted some help on knowing about it. There is a lot of information on the Internet."

"We were very sorry to hear that your editor was offended because the majority of the people in this community have no tolerance for the gay life. The old saying in this area is: 'If you can't stand the heat, don't come into the kitchen.' Another point, for the gay man in the article, didn't you ever hear of a will? You could have shared your assets that way."


"Something puzzles me; I think adopting children is an honorable thing, but I also feel that charity begins at home. Why couldn't that local couple adopt an American child? Why do we have to go overseas and adopt foreign children? I have encountered this in the past with people I know. A foreign child is used as a status symbol, not a child."

"Thanks, Bush, I just filled up my gas tank to the tune of $26 and on the way home, I picked up medication, to the tune of $98. After that, I put away all my groceries, which cost much more than in past years. The prices are going up, our wages aren't, our country is in turmoil. Bush should be voted out in November. When he is gone, this nation will start a turnaround. We will take years to spend down to get rid of the deficit that he has created. Unfortunately, our children will suffer from this. It is time to vote him out. It seems that everyone has less money in their wallets today, unless we are the wealthy CEOs who are benefiting from this."

"In response to the person who put in Mail Call about people who work at the Motor Vehicle Administration being rude and unfriendly. My daughter works there, if you would just take a minute and put yourself in their place. In past years I have learned to look at everything from two sides. If you had to work there with people coming in every day cursing you, throwing things at you and being very upset with you and it's the customer's fault 99 percent of the time because they don't have the right paperwork or signatures. People who work there are only doing what they are told, they are only following orders that they were given."

"Does anyone want a job that pays $177,000 a year? If so, contact George Bush because it seems that Tom Ridge can't live on that."

"Let me understand this about the police department, two elderly people are allegedly stabbed on Florida Avenue and you people can't find the time to comment on it. This is unbelievable. I think the city needs to look into this."

"Everyone should read the column by Liz Thompson in The Herald-Mail Sunday paper. Anyone suffering with self-righteous prejudice may be helped."

"Thanks for the great message by Liz Thompson on tolerance in Sunday's paper. Thank you."

"I want to know if there is a curfew for kids under 16. I live in an area where there are kids under 16 out until 12 and 1 a.m. None of the city police want to do anything about it, neither is the security in the housing development where I live. Is this a problem that should be taken up higher, maybe to Penny Nigh or can the city police or security correct the problem. They are messing with vehicles and everything and it seems like nobody wants to do anything about it."

"I wanted to put in something for my son Jeffrey Wentzel for hitting a home run in his Maugansville Junior League game."

"Congratulations to my granddaughter Ashley Hagaman for becoming an RN."

- Boonsboro

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