Letters to the editor

August 03, 2004

Get involved in student council

To the editor:

I wanted to thank everyone involved in organizing the recent trip the students took Las Vegas, Nev., for the National Student Council Convention. A special thanks to Shawn Stelow for all the e-mails and information before the trip, and a very special thanks to Kimberly Okane.

Congratulations to Brian Williamson for receiving the student member on the board while in Las Vegas. My son was the first student from a school other than North High to participate in the national convention, and he is happy he did.

He had many stories to share when he returned and is still e-mailing the host family he stayed with regularly. He made friends with young people from all over the United States and is looking forward to seeing them next year at the convention in Illinois.


We're told Oprah Winfrey may be a speaker next year. My son and I would like to encourage other student council members from Washington County to participate next year if possible, and help represent our county. I am sure you would have no regrets.

It is a week that's well-organized and filled with many new experiences. Thanks again to everyone involved. It has filled my son with a lifetime of memories.

Keli Hoffman

Alternatives to abortion exist

To the editor:

I wanted to alert you and your readers of the horror happening in Hagerstown and hope you will courageously print my letter. In Hagerstown, babies are being killed in their mother's wombs in an abortion center every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I know that some people say they are pro-life, except for cases of rape or incest. However, in all cases, the babies are innocent and helpless and never deserve the torture of having their bodies ripped apart or burned with chemicals until they die horribly in their mother's own womb.

These young mothers are scared and do not realize there is hope and help for them and their babies. They need to be told that there are options, with many programs and people open to helping them and their babies in their present difficult situation.

Help is as close as the phone book, Internet, or local Catholic church. Three crisis pregnancy centers and a safe home for victims of abuse and their families are nearby. Also, many loving people want to adopt these babies and give them loving homes. Furthermore, the people responsible in any way for an abortion can be forgiven, if they tell God they are sorry. Post-abortion healing centers are available, too. Pro-lifers, please, pray and come out to give support for life on the aforementioned days.

Gail Hoffman
Greencastle, Pa.

Election scandal is crazy talk

To the editor:

Let me get this straight. The letter to the editor on July 30 is one more example how in the eyes of Democrats, George Bush cannot do anything right. Let's see, it's wrong for the Bush administration to put in place prudent mechanisms to handle the possibility of a terrorist event interrupting the election, but Gore was praised for delaying the results of the 2000 election for months because a few people in Florida couldn't punch out the chads properly on their ballot. Come on, give me a break!

Bush is only trying to get mechanisms in place to prepare for the possibility that terrorists would try to disrupt our election process. He isn't trying to rig the election or steal anything. My goodness, you're crying "Wolf!" before there's anything to even cry about.

Let's suppose that Bush does nothing and a terrorist strike occurs the day before the election. Now, suppose that even though a key area of the nation is unable to vote because they are digging their neighbors out from under a pile of rock, the election is held as planned and Bush ends up winning.

I wonder how many of you will be crying then that the elections should have been delayed so that everyone could have a chance to vote?

Really though, what's the big deal? Just make sure you're shielded while you drive through the radioactive fallout from the dirty bomb that exploded on your way to vote. Your hair should grow back in a few years.

Todd A. Hahn

Seeking Mills' family tree

To the editor:

We are doing a family tree of the Mills family and we need to find relatives of John and Susan Mills (deceased). They are buried in the Mennonite Church Cemetery at Ashton and Clear Spring Roads.

Please contact me at 301-842-3029, or write to me and I'll contact you if it's long distance.

Mary Kline
11406 National Pike
Clear Spring, Md. 21722

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