Cats take the stage

Felines of all flavors compete at Ag Expo

Felines of all flavors compete at Ag Expo

August 02, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI


An Oreo and Kahlua may not be a combination as common as, say, cookies and milk, but animals with those two names grabbed the top spots at the Washington County Ag Expo's cat shows on Sunday.

Oreo, the winner from the 4-H division cat show contest, beat Kahlua, the winner from the open class cat show and was named the overall Best in Show.

Oreo, a black-and-white, shorthaired domestic cat, is owned by Briana Lee, 13, of Sharpsburg. The cat got her name from her black and white colors, Briana said.


Kahlua, owned by Allison Fischer of Hagerstown, is a Maine coon cross.

The cat already had the name of the alcoholic beverage by the time she became its owner, Fischer said.

Persian, a Maine coon cross owned by Timmy Martin, 14, of Smithsburg, was named the friendliest cat. The cat got its name because the family originally thought it was a Persian cat, he said.

Lee's victory comes after last year's competition when her cat, Jill, won the 4-H division, but Jack, who is owned by a Funkstown resident, won the open class cat show and was named Best in Show.

While Sunday's judge, Susan Blevins, of Westminster, Md., praised Oreo, Kahlua, and Persian, she expressed concern about the weight of Jill, who was entered in a different class.

"She looks like a pumpkin," Blevins said. "We have got to slim her down."

Jill is on a weight-reduction program but it is not working, Lee said.

No, it is not, Blevins agreed.

While being scratched, Jill's back went up.

Blevins said, "That is what we call 'elevator butt.'" The cat's hindquarters go up to indicate she likes it.

While most cats went on stage during Sunday's cat contests, one, Holly, had a different plan.

While Blevins was examining one cat, Holly, owned by Katherine McCormick, rushed under the stage.

The judge paused and barely missed a beat as she said, "We have a little extra excitement for the audience."

Later she asked, "Did we catch the missing kitty?"

Holly was indeed caught and behaved for the rest of the show.

The 24th annual Washington County Ag Expo at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center on the Sharpsburg Pike south of Hagerstown runs through Aug. 6.

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