Always thinking of sports ... even on vacation

August 01, 2004|by MARK KELLER

Short takes before vacation ... short takes after vacation. It's not that I've been short of time, just short of any long-term news analysis.

The trade deadline is yet another reason why I've grown to love baseball again.

Deadline deals in football, basketball and hockey just don't measure up. The football deadline is too early in the season and football trades rarely happen anyway. Too many teams make the playoffs in basketball and hockey for the last-minute trades to have the impact that they can in baseball.

In baseball, you at least get a sense that one deal can put a team over the top. And some of the biggest names in the game are traded at the baseball deadline, as evidenced by Nomar Garciaparra's move to the Chicago Cubs on Saturday.

With only four teams making the playoffs in each league, it's fun to sit back and watch the final two months of the season unfold and see which moves were brilliant and which were simply done in desperation.


By the way, I think the Nomar trade helps both Boston and Chicago.

n Upon further review, Nick Adenhart's signing with the Anaheim Angels this week makes perfect sense.

Adenhart will still get four years of college paid for. He'll still get his arm rehabbed, only now it will be done by the Angels' doctors and trainers. And he's got $710,000 in the bank to boot.

He'll get to pursue his dream of pitching in the majors, and do it with an organization just two years removed from a World Series title.

Good call, Nick. Given the choices, few would have done anything differently.

n Here we go again with the spoiled athletes. This time, it's Kellen Winslow.

The Cleveland Browns offered Winslow a deal that would have made him the highest paid tight end in league history ... before he ever set foot on a field.

Winslow said, 'No, thanks.' Oh, and he's not reporting to camp, either.

I understand the situation Winslow puts the Browns in. They not only used the No. 6 pick in the draft on the tight end, but they also gave up a second-round pick in order to move up one spot to get him.

The Browns are counting on Winslow to help them on offense, something he obviously can't do unless he reports.

But wouldn't it be nice - just once - for a team to tell a Kellen Winslow to take it or leave it?

Here's our offer. It's the best we can do. Not good enough? Well, I'm sorry. We'll just hold onto your rights until you're willing to take a measly $40 million.

And then let him sit and rot.

Hey, here's hoping.

Mark Keller is sports editor of The Herald-Mail. His column appears every Sunday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2332, or by e-mail at

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