Ag Expo begins today

July 30, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

Karlie Hose, 13, thinks the three steers, one heifer and two sheep she entered in this year's Washington County Ag Expo will do well in the beef and market contests, she said Thursday.

But, Hose, of Clear Spring, cautioned, "It all depends."

On what?

Pointing at the cages and holding areas - some empty, some full - she said, "It all depends on all the other animals."

The "other animals" began arriving Thursday night at the 24th annual Washington County Ag Expo at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center on Sharpsburg Pike south of Hagerstown.


Not far from Hose, Sean Wiles, 15, of Fairplay, just shook his head when asked how he thinks his six dairy steers will do in the contests. He does not think about whether or not he will do well, he said.

"I just do my best," he said, as he hosed down one of his steers.

While their owners were checking in their animals, contests were occurring in the Ag Center buildings.

A beaming DeAnna Loudermilk, 12, of State Line, Pa., stood in line to have her homemade chocolate cupcakes judged.

While this was her first year in the contest, as opposed to veterans like Wiles and Hose, Loudermilk submitted entries in 13 classes.

She won second place in one class and first place in 12 other classes, including with her cupcakes.

The desserts were judged by Mary West and Ruth Burrier. The Frederick, Md., women have traveled up and down the state, judging the dessert contests in expos in several counties for more than 20 years, they said.

The contests were not just for teenagers and adults, though.

Children from 3 to 8 years old, too young to be in 4-H, could compete in 50 classes.

Brooke Lewis, 4, of Williamsport, submitted seven entries, including a crayon drawing of her family playing soccer and a bead bracelet, her mother, Sharon Lewis, said.

As part of the judging, the children must answer questions about their entries.

Brooke's older sister, Alexis, 6, who also submitted entries into seven classes, said the questions are her favorite part of the competition.

The event runs through Aug. 6.

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