Campaign bus convoy stops in city

July 29, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

Washington County apparently played a minor role Wednesday in John Kerry's campaign for president as a convoy of four buses scheduled to transport the candidate later in the week stopped at Sam's Club on Wesel Boulevard to stock up on food, the head of the bus company said.

John Williams, owner and operator of John L. Productions of Pike Road, Ala., which provides "grass-roots bus tours," according to his business card, said the convoy planned to try to make it to the Democratic Convention in Boston by Wednesday night.

On Friday - after the convention is over - Kerry, vice presidential candidate John Edwards, their families, staff and others - will board Williams' buses, Williams said.


The buses will then be driven across the country, headed to the West Coast, as part of the "From Sea To Shining Sea: Believe in America Tour," Williams said.

The food purchased here Wednesday will be given to those on the bus, he said.

Kerry, who the company drove around for a July Fourth weekend event, will be on the bus Williams drives, Williams said.

In the past, the company's buses were hired by other presidential candidates, including former Sen. Bob Dole and Steve Forbes, as well as candidates for other offices, Williams said.

The buses attracted the attention of local residents, some of whom came over and had their picture taken next to the buses, which had the tour's title and other campaign-related information painted on them.

"This is part of history," Tina Yorst of Hagerstown said, after having her photograph taken with the bus.

Yorst said she knew there were no politicians on the buses because there was no security.

Still, she said, "It's neat to see the buses."

Meanwhile, Williams was making sure the drivers were ready before they took off with the hope to make it to their hotel rooms in the Boston area before they went to sleep, he said.

As the buses left the shopping center, other drivers could be seen gawking at them.

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