Blues Fest rain insurance pays $40,000

July 28, 2004|by GREGORY T. SIMMONS

The City of Hagerstown received a check for $40,000 last week from a rain insurance policy it bought for the Western Maryland Blues Fest in June, city spokeswoman Karen Giffin said Tuesday.

The overall financial performance of the annual music festival has yet to be released nearly two months after it was held. Giffin, who manages the city's portion of the annual music festival, said she has 120 days in which to report that data to the mayor and City Council.

Giffin said she expected to complete her reports and release them next week, but she hinted the city did well this year.

"Things look good," she said.

This year city officials authorized spending about $5,000 on rain insurance for June 4 and 5, the two days fans had to pay to see acts.


Insurance for the June 4 events cost $425 for a $5,000 policy. On June 5, because the policy covered a larger time frame, the $40,000 policy cost $4,640.

Giffin said the city placed a claim on both days but only received a payout for the second day. She said because of the contractual agreement with the Washington County Arts Council, the city will give the arts council $2,000 for beer-sale losses it suffered June 5.

Giffin said she expects to release next week the total revenues and expenses for the Blues Fest, as well as the cost of the city's police, public works and contractual services.

Last year, the city bought insurance against rain only for Saturday's events. While many of the headlining acts were rained out for the 2003 event, the city did not collect insurance money because the policy required that 1/2 inch of rainfall be measured at the airport over the course of 10 hours.

This year's insurance policy for June 5 only required 1/4 inch of rainfall over the course of eight hours.

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