County's top Holstein winners announced

July 27, 2004

The Washington County Holstein Association held its annual field day June 26 at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center south of Hagerstown. In all, 81 head were judged by Justin Burdette of Windy-Knoll-View Farm, Mercersburg, Pa.

Winners for the Fitting and Showing classes were: Junior: (1) Tessa Wiles, (2) Scott DeBaugh, (3) Kaitlin Corbett; Intermediate: (1) Tracey Forsythe, (2) Eric Wiles; Senior: (1) Wade Downey, (2) Hannah Smith, (3) Ben Calimer. Overall winner: Wade Downey.

Results are as follows, with 4-H results noted in parentheses:

Spring Heifer Calf: 1. (1) Futuraland-TM Derry Fancy, Ryan Wiles, 2. (2) MD-Heavensent Redmark Jill, Tessa Wiles, 3. DeBaugh James Cherrio, DeBaugh Farms. (3) Futuraland Goodluck Zuki-ET, Eric Wiles.

Winter Heifer Calf: 1. (1) Futuraland Leduc Zushu-ET, Eric Wiles, 2. (2) Futuraland-TM GL Fortune-ET, Ryan Wiles, 3. DeBaugh James Crisco-ET, DeBaugh Farms. (3) MD-Heavensent Red Marker Lula, Macayla Wiles.


Fall Heifer Calf: 1. (1) MD-Maple Lawn RM Georgia, Sabrina Smith, 2. (2) Futuraland Morty Zulana, Eric Wiles, 3. (3) Futuraland Zhere Thumbelina, Ryan Wiles.

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1. DeBaugh Leadership Crystal, DeBaugh Farms, 2. (1) Bulldog Durham Kandy, Sabrina Smith, 3. (2) Linden Hall Theo Veronica, Ben Calimer.

Spring Yearling Heifer: 1. DeBaugh Outside Cruddy, DeBaugh Farms, 2. (1) Luckyme C-Nick Lola, Allen Hess.

Winter Yearling Heifer: 1. (1) Leggetts Linjet Canasta, Denton Leggett, 2. DeBaugh Durham Cleopatra-ET, DeBaugh Farms, 3. (2) Linden Hall Foreman Uno, Tracey Forsythe. (3) Linden Hall Terrance Maria, Ben Calimer.

Fall Yearling Heifer: 1. (1) Futuraland Magna Zalycee-ET, Eric Wiles, 2. (2) MD-Heavensent Outside Kisses, Tessa Wiles, 3. DeBaugh Commanche Cookie, DeBaugh Farms. (3) DeBaugh Aeroline Glimmer-ET, Scott DeBaugh.

Jr. Champion - Open Class and 4-H: Futuraland Leduc Zushu-ET, Eric Wiles.

Reserve Jr. Champion - Open Class and 4-H: Futuraland Magna Zalycee-ET, Eric Wiles.

Junior Best Three Females: 1. Futuraland, 2. DeBaugh Farms.

Dry Cow: 1. (1) Rocky Haven Encore Ethel, Hannah Smith, 2. (2) Leggetts Royalist Rookie, Spencer Leggett, 3. (3) Linden Hall Jasper Julie, Ben Calimer.

Cow, Jr. 2 years old: 1. (1) Sutton Outside Mango, Scott DeBaugh, 2. Willow-Tic Derry Cindy Lou, Ryan Downey, 3. (2) Futuraland Rubens Zeclie, Ryan Wiles.

Cow, Sr. 2 years old: 1. DA-SA-RA Marshall Saphire, Ryan Shank. (1) HSH Durham Jodi, Tessa Wiles, 2. Leggetts Rudolph Rachelle, Leggett Farms. (2) DeBaugh Baxter Cork, Scott DeBaugh, 3. Lonely Willow C-Vincer Meg, Samuel Winters, (3) Leggetts Linjet Eve, Spencer Leggett.

Cow, Jr. 3 years old: 1. (1) HSH Rubens Lady McBeth, Tessa Wiles, 2. (2) Linden Hall Hilton Melody, Ben Calimer, 3. HSH Durham Robin, Tessa Wiles.

Cow, Sr. 3 years old: 1. (1) Rocky Haven Sosa Stephanie, Hannah Smith, 2. DeBaugh Lship Milkdud, DeBaugh Farms. (2) Kul-Wave Leduc Janette-ET, Ryan Wiles, 3. Valentia Leduc Kandid, Earl Grove. (3) Bellton CAB HS I Edwina, Eric Wiles.

Cow, 4 years old: 1. DeBaugh IN Carrie-ET, Leggett Farms, 2. DeBaugh Durham Cora, DeBaugh Farms, 3. Leggetts Design Kelsey, Leggett Farms.

Cow, 5 years old: 1. MD-Dun-Loafin Lee Levi, Brad and Cathy Wiles, 2. (1) Leggetts Royal Clara, Denton Leggett.

Cow, 6 years old: 1. Knob-View BC Cris, Brad and Cathy Wiles, 2. RD-Woodside Sugar, Leggett Farms.

Production: 1. Eastone Charmer Beryl, Leggett Farms, 2. Futuraland Cel Line Zadie, Greg and Becky Wiles.

Sr. Champion & Grand Champion - Open Class and 4-H: HSH Rubens Lady McBeth, Tessa Wiles.

Reserve Sr. Champion & Reserve Grand Champion - Open Class: DA-SA-RA Marshall Saphire, Ryan Shank.

Reserve Sr. Champion & Reserve Grand Champion - 4-H: Sutton Outside Mango, Scott DeBaugh.

Overall Best Bred and Owned Open Class and 4-H: HSH Rubens Lady McBeth, Tessa Wiles.

Best Three Females, Any Age: 1. DeBaugh Farms, 2. Leggett Farm.

Dam and Daughter: 1. Futuraland, 2. DeBaugh Farms, 3. Denton Leggett.

Produce of Dam: 1. DeBaugh Farms, 2. Brad and Cathy Wiles.

Premier Breeder: Leggett Farms, Craig and Brenda Leggett and family.

Premier Exhibitor: Leggett Farms, Craig and Brenda Leggett and family.

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