Letters to the editor

July 26, 2004

City on right side of hospital issue

To the editor:

When the Washington County Hospital is compared to a retrofitted, battle-weary aircraft carrier as it was in your Monday, July 19, editorial "Time to end roadblocks to new hospital project," we are jarred into speaking out against what we perceive as an expensive corporate project that will make medical care less accessible to many Hagerstown residents.

Any benefit from tax revenues will be negated by increased costs for hospital stays at a time when health insurance coverage is declining. As citizens of Hagerstown and potential users of hospital services, we count on our elected officials to represent our interests in working to ensure that quality and affordable health care is available to everyone.

We support the mayor and council in their efforts to keep the hospital within the city limits where it belongs.

Gordon and Janet Bartels

Thank goodness for Mississippi

To the editor:


In 1932, West Virginia's per-capita income ranked right around 34th. Today more than 70 years later, our income is 49th out of 50. Thank goodness for Mississippi.

During this time, Democrats have been in control of West Virginia government. Their big-spending, higher- tax ways have scared businesses away and hurt the " little guy" who now earns less money - if that person is even working!

That is why I'm supporting Monty Warner for governor. He returned to West Virginia after a successful 25 years in the United States Army, retiring as a full colonel.

Warner's last job was with the Joint Chiefs of Staff where he managed a Pentagon budget more than six times the size of West Virginia's state budget. He won praise and admiration of generals and admirals, including JCS Chairman Gen. Hugh Shelton.

Warner is committed to cutting taxes and ending costly regulations in order to bring business into this state. Right now, with Democrats in control, our state doesn't even make the short list of states for companies to relocate. It's much too expensive here.

Equally important, Warner is committed to cleaning up a government where senior-citizen center directors are earning six-figure salaries, and taking fancy trips.

It's been said absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that's why we need wholesale change this November. We need Monty Warner as governor.

Jeff Stewart

Your help was appreciated

To the editor:

The people of Maryland have been helping the March of Dimes improve the health of children for 66 years - ever since dimes were collected to help fund polio research. Because of you, this year was a great success.

During late April to mid-May, more than 10,000 of our friends and neighbors participated in March of Dimes WalkAmerica. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, from small communities to the heart of Baltimore, we came together to fund research into finding the causes of premature birth, a health problem that affects one in every eight babies born in America today. In fact, in an average week in Maryland, 181 babies are born preterm.

Our babies need our help and you responded in a big way. I am pleased to announce that Maryland WalkAmerica exceeded its 2004 goal, raising close to $1.6 million. This was made possible through the generous support of corporate sponsors, volunteers, walkers and the tens of thousands of individuals, businesses and service organizations that sponsored walkers.

As state chairman of WalkAmerica, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you. Your dedication and passion for Maryland's babies and their families are an inspiration. I salute each and every one of you.

Premature babies need hope, love and you. Thank you for your continuing support.

James N. Mathias Jr.
2004 State WalkAmerica Chairman

Balance is the key

To the editor:

Well, I was going to send a generic letter at first, but I decided that it would be better to send a letter straight from me. We need more positive coverage of the president. All we hear about is "Iraq problems."

What about all the good things that Bush has done for the country? All anti-Bush liberals are the same. They talk about the same things that the others do.

How about some good columns about the president? Ones that speak the truth instead of mindless "Fahrenheit 9/11" rehash. Some of your papers are better than others, but most of you are liberal-slanted on the other hand. Balance is the key.

Alex Knepper

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