'White flag wavers' will not prevail

July 25, 2004|by Gary L. Harding

Richard J. McEvoy writes in his letter to the editor: "Good thing Bush didn't oversee the Cuban Missile Crisis."

So Richard tell us where you were during The Cuban Missile Crisis. Born yet? Or were you hiding out in Canada. I was a young Marine on a naval aircraft carrier in the Caribbean during the Bay of Pigs Fiasco, so I find your knowledge of history lacking, but typical of the elitist euro-socialist, a sordid and mendacious gore.

Time for a history lesson. But first, whether you like it or not, your Gore lost. When you show your disdain for George W. Bush by referring to him as "Bush," your cause becomes irrelevent. He is president to all of us.

More history: John Kennedy was president when on his watch the Bay of Pigs fiasco (April 17, 1961) the Berlin Wall (August 13, 1961) and the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 18-29, 1962) occurred.


My point: Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev, by forcing these international issues on President Kennedy, tested his will. In every incident President Kennedy capitulated, bringing our nation to the brink of nuclear war. His failure to enforce the Monroe Doctrine allowed Soviet expansion into the Western Hemisphere. When he failed to provide the promised air support for the Alpha Freedom Brigade, the brigade was slaughtered on the beaches and the survivors imprisoned and tortured.

This weakness noted, the Soviets built nuclear missile silos unhindered. Our nation in peril, the Pentagon pushed for a sea blockade stopping or hoping to keep the nuclear missiles out of Cuba. We were within hours of global nuclear war when President Kennedy capitulated and agreed to remove our missiles from Turkey if the Soviets turned back their ships.

Last month our nation honored the greatest president of the 20th century, Ronald W. Reagan. No need to elaborate his accomplishments as others did it so eloquently. Be assured if presidents Nixon, Reagan or Bush were in office there would have never been the Berlin Wall, Bay of Pigs fiasco or the Cuban Missile Crisis. These are men of courage. The harsh reality is that President Kennedy didn't have that quality.

You wish it in your letter, but the United States will never admit it was wrong in a pre-emptive attack on Iraq and apologize to the world to restore our international credability. When cows fly!

Your spineless friends, the United Nations, passed 17 resolutions in 12 years, all idle threats. It never acted on any of them. We are the great superpower, the greatest nation there has ever been. So like it, probably not, but the campaign in Iraq is nearly over with. There's just mopping up to do. The final victory was June 30, with free elections later this year. Woe to the whiners and naysayers.

That accomplished, the war to erase global terrorism is in the first stages and may go on for decades. Yes, we know your like would want us to wave your "white flag" and hope. We will never bow to any nation!

The truth has come full circle, the United Nations found to be corrupt and hand in hand with the French, German and Russian collaborators who undermined us and pilfered from the Iraqis. Friends like this!

Since 1996 the Afghan people have begged the United Nations and the United States to expell the Taliban and al-Queda. It is well known that certain countries offered Osama bin Laden three times to us before 2000, and who was president?

Failure to retaliate in the bombing of the USS Cole, Khobar Towers and the policy of cut and run in Somalia mirrors the 1960s. Launching a missile at an abandoned aspirin factory in the middle of the night was weak.

Finally, we the "unwashed" find your elitist embracing of euro-socialism unpatriotic in time of war, if not seditious. Cheering for the enemy is disengenuous to the 200,000 plus serving their nation honorably and the cause that has given freedom to 50 million.

Gary L. Harding is a resident of Hagerstown.

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