Jobless rate up as people seek summer jobs

July 22, 2004|by JULIE E. GREENE

Washington County's unemployment rate went up in June, as it typically does because more people enter the job market to look for seasonal work, a Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The county's unemployment rate increased from 3.4 percent in May to 3.8 percent in June, according to preliminary estimates.

The civilian labor force increased by 493 people to 72,119 job seekers in June, according to labor department data.

The number of unemployed people went up by 312 people to 2,766 people in June, according to labor data.

"It's normal and we see it every June," labor spokeswoman Linda Sherman said.

The number of job seekers increases as people, such as teenagers and college students, enter the job market looking for summer employment, Sherman said.

In Frederick County, Md., the jobless rate increased from 2.6 percent in May to 2.9 percent in June, according to preliminary estimates.


Statewide, the unemployment rate went from 3.8 percent in May to 4.2 percent in June.

Nationally, the jobless rate was 5.8 percent in June, compared with 5.3 percent in May.

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