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Mail Call

July 20, 2004

"Why do the seniors have to have a round sticker to go to the dump and non-seniors have to have a different kind? Is this some kind of age discrimination thing? Also, the price of gas is back up again. We are being gouged once more."

"This is for Bonnie Errico at Williamsport Town Hall: I read in Wednesday's paper where you talked about the church parking lot. Well, you are wrong about nobody parking up there. You should see how many cars are up there now. In fact, nine of them. I walked down myself to see them. To our council members: Come on, what is wrong with helping the church with a fence? After all, they removed snow and ice off the lots. Talk to whomever is in charge of the lot, help with the fence. Good old Jeff Long and his crew of men keep the three lots cleaned. Sounds good to me. Thanks."


- Williamsport

"There was someone who wanted to know when the Klan rally was in Sharpsburg. If you need a ride, call Mail Call and let me know."

"The person in Thursday's Mail Call wanted to know why Kerry wouldn't release his FBI files. First of all, it's none of your business and another thing, how come Dick Cheney doesn't release all his files?"

"To Mayor Breichner, it's a slap in the face to us that you are still mayor. But not for long, you can count on it."

"In response to someone who wanted someone to explain why men dress in women's clothes or want to be a woman and why a woman wants to be a man. In regards to that, some do dress up, but in some situations it is called a gender disorder, which must be diagnosed by a professional and a psychiatrist. I know for a fact because I am one of those people. It is a sexual gender disorder. Not everyone has that, but some of them do."

"How does President Bush figure that our country is safer now that we got Saddam and invaded Iraq when we have lost more than 1,000 of our troops and 3,000 to 5,000 wounded? How does he figure we are safer now? I don't think so. We are just getting killed somewhere else instead of here. It's over in Iraq."

"For all the people complaining about the people who got the petition for the stadium fireworks. Yes, we do like fireworks, but we only asked that the stadium only do it one night instead of all three nights. The reason for this is from all the soot and dirt that gets on our homes and in our yards. Yes, the stadium cleans up the stadium and the ballpark, but not our street and pavements, nor our homes."

"I firmly believe that we as Americans need to strongly support President Bush and give him four more years in the White House. The 9/11 attack on our homeland by terrorists, who are actually part of a radical terrorist group which is really comprised of international criminals that must be crushed. So our president has the right policy against terrorism and the war on Iraq. Also, despite what Kerry and Moore and what others say, our economy is steadily improving under the Bush plan of tax cuts. So if we re-elect Bush, we will see progress made. If we fail to stop the ungodly, un-American goals of liberal extremists, we will become a God-forsaken country, like many Third World nations in the world today."

"A very sincere and grateful thanks to all the staff and customers at Richardson's Restaurant on Dual Highway who helped my brother on Wednesday morning when he had an attack and was rushed to the hospital. As a visitor from Iowa, I was so impressed with everybody's concern and willingness to help. A big thank you to the man who picked my brother up and put him in a wheelchair. Also to the policeman who guided me to the hospital, right to the front door and to the EMS group. My brother is out of the hospital now and doing well."

"I think ATVs and four-wheelers should be outlawed, especially where it is zoned residential. There is no respect for the noise and dust levels that are created. There isn't any quality of life for people with terminal illnesses that have to listen to these from sunup until after dark."

"Where do you get those ribbons that you see on people's cars saying that they survived breast cancer? Where can you get them?"

"Can someone do something about the lighting in City Park? We were at the concert out there Sunday night and it was very dark for the seniors out there."

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