Letters to the editor

July 20, 2004

Turn off the electronics

To the editor:

The leading or most prevalent cause of the increased epidemic of cancer is caused by radioactivity. The assumed danger at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant was the fear of the release of radioactivity in the atmosphere.

Radio stations release radioactive "ions" via a high tower. Television stations also emit radioactive signals. Cell phones, being wireless, also emit massive doses of radioactive signals into the atmosphere, as do the satellites from outer space. The cause of this increased levels of cancer is our nationwide systems of communication.

The cure is to shut down all radio, television, cell phones and satellite communication networks. Nothing more needs to be said.


Jim Thompson
Chambersburg, Pa.

Sidewalk Days a big success

To the editor:

We wanted to thank the many people who were involved in making the 37th Annual Sidewalk Days a success in Greencastle, Pa., this year!

A special thanks to the Borough Council for giving us permission to close down South Carlisle Street. We have received so many positive comments from merchants, vendors and pedestrians, as to how much better this worked for them and how much safer they felt. We also appreciate all of the help we received from both the police department and fire police; they were phenomenal!

I am so appreciative to my committee (Denise McDowell, Beth Powers, Bob O'Conner and Holly Ressler) who help coordinate all of the many details of the event. We also wish to thank the Rescue Hose Company and the Greencastle Sportsman's Club for the picnic tables.

In addition, First United Methodist Church's Youth Group, Dick and Sue Gardenhour, Kevin Schriver, Justin Alleman and Kevin's mom, Linda, helped in so many ways during set-up and tear-down. Thanks also to Waste Management Inc. for providing the trash totes.

Thank you to the numerous volunteers from the Lions Club, Cancer Society, Old Home Week Committee and Greencastle-Antrim Education Foundation, who "manned" the Chamber's Information Booth.

Dana M. Given
Executive Director
Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce

Government should be limited

To the editor:

I must reply to the "No pro-life Democrats" letter in the June 19 Opinion section.

The writer's question, "Does anyone know of a single Democrat who is not pro-abortion?" is the product of anti-abortion groups' wrongly defining the issue. All of the Democrats I know are anti-abortion, but they are even more "anti" the government putting its hand in the womb.

The conservative anti-abortion groups would have us believe that the choice is between abortion or bringing another child into the "Beaver Clever" household. Not so. Each year many women in dismal circumstances must make a choice from relatively terrible options - one being abortion.

That is a decision that belongs with the woman, her doctor, clergy and family - not the government. The antiabortion people would do more good if, instead of standing on the streets with grotesque pictures of aborted fetuses, they would march down to the orphanages and adopt the unwanted children who presently exist.

Yes, there are Democrats who are anti-abortion, but we don't want George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, or anyone else in government making those decisions.

Robert Ayrer
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Gettysburg needs help

To the editor:

The Herald-Mail's June 27 newspaper article entitled "Budget cuts force Gettysburg to skip maintenance tasks" was disturbing.

Gettysburg National Military Park is suffering from years of inadequate funding and has lost 12 full-time and 10 seasonal workers in the past two fiscal years, according to John Latschar, the park's superintendent.

Gettysburg National Military Park is a treasure to all Americans, especially those who live, work and visit this Civil War historical site. Living 24 miles west of Gettysburg, my family and I have enjoyed numerous visits to this military park while noticing the need of maintenance and restoration of the monuments, cannons and limbers.

Why aren't donation containers placed outside the entrance of the Gettysburg National Military Park visitors' center, high-water mark (Union side of Pickett's Charge), and Little Round Top? Visitors will be glad to make a donation to preserve this military park.

Gregory Wilhide
Waynesboro, Pa.

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