no conclusions yet in park swan deaths

July 16, 2004|by RYAN C. TUCK

The executive director of the Washington County Humane Society said Wednesday there were no new leads in the investigation surrounding the deaths of three mute swans in City Park on June 26 and 27.

Three of the park's five mute swans were found dead by park officials and sent to the Animal Health Lab in Frederick, Md., Paul Miller said

Lab officials said they tested the bodies for West Nile virus, found nothing and then sent the bodies for advanced testing to an undisclosed "national lab."

Officials said they did not test the bodies for antifreeze poisoning.

The Diagnostic Animal Lab at Michigan State University, which tests for antifreeze poisoning, said it could take months to complete necropsies.


Miller said he was told the results would be available in a "few weeks," and that the city has no leads until those results are ready.

Miller said he doubts antifreeze was a factor because none of the park's other waterfowl have similar symptoms.

"I don't think (antifreeze) picks and chooses its victims," he said.

Anyone with information surrounding the incident may call 301-733-2060.

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