Letters to the editor - 7/16

July 16, 2004

Warner's the one

To the editor:

Subject: West Virginia deserves better

It seems every few days, this great state is on the bottom of another list. WHY? Leadership, or I should say lack of leadership.

In our primary election two months ago, I wondered if the GOP would choose the right person for their nominee for governor. Well, I have met and talked with Monty Warner and no doubt he is the right person.

A talented leader who has served this great nation with a 25 year career in the military, Monty Warner is ready and able to serve the people of this state.


A native of West Virginia, he is a man of high moral values, great respect for honest working people, and has great disdain for corruption and cronyism that has been so prevalent the past several years in this state.

It is time for a change for the better. Elect Monty Warner as your governor.

Dale Brown


Don't the planners see the dangers in townhouses?

To the editor:

Have the planning commission members of Washington County taken leave of their senses? How many high- density developments full of apartments and townhouses are they going to allow? Does anyone bother to check and see how many of these new multi- unit properties have gone to government subsidies?

Commission members need to slow down and think about the impact they are putting on this county before they let any more well-known developers slide right through with their plans, regardless of the cost to the quality of life in our county.

A smart growth plan that would allow new homes to be built without making this beautiful place a concrete jungle doesn't seem that far out of reach. No more new apartment or townhouse complexes should be built. More than likely, these developments will turn into government-subsidized housing projects because not many people can afford to pay $700 to $800 a month for a rental property for a very long period of time. These developers should have to sign a contract stating that they will not change these properties to subsidized housing.

New developments on raw land should be limited to one unit per acre. And how about tearing down some of those rundown properties in downtown Hagerstown and building some nice new single-story homes for the middle class? I know it's a long shot, but grass can probably grow in downtown Hagerstown!

One last thought: The planning commission should consist of elected persons, not appointed. And James Kercheval should not sit on both the County Commissioners and the Planning Commission. This seems to be a conflict of interest and he should have to choose one or the other.

Tina Miller


Please give blood

To the editor:

Every day, blood is needed in hospitals and emergency treatment facilities for patients with cancer and other diseases, for organ transplant recipients and to help save the lives of accident victims.

This blood comes only from healthy individuals who give of themselves to help patients in need. There is no substitute.

Unfortunately, while giving blood is a safe and easy process, just 5 percent of the eligible 60 percent of the population regularly donates, causing blood shortages to increase in frequency.

For the past several weeks, low blood collections have forced our regional American Red Cross Blood Services to ration hospital orders and issue an emergency appeal for blood donors.

For patients, this means local hospitals may have as little as half the desired inventories in certain blood types.

Your help is needed now to make sure that all Eastern Panhandle residents who need blood will have a safe and adequate supply readily available.

If you're age 17 or older, weigh at least 105 pounds and are in generally good health, it's likely you can donate blood. Most individuals may donate as often as every 56 days. For more information about local Red Cross blood drives, please call 1-800- GIVE LIFE or visit

Patients are counting on you ... please donate blood over the coming days and weeks, and continue to give regularly in the future.

John M Sherwood, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer

Jefferson Memorial Hospital

Ranson, W.Va.

No time to retreat

To the editor:

Notwithstanding the gassy rhetoric that emanates from Allan Powell and his ilk, it never is a good time to retreat from the enemies of liberty.

Larry D. Kump

Falling Waters, W.Va.

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